Richfield City has passed the 2018 2019 Budget

Richfield City Council has approved the 2018 - 2019 Budget.  

You can download a copy of the Budget here

Richfield City has available the Fiscal Year end information

Richfield City Fiscal Year end financial statements are now available.  

You can download a copy of the Financial Statement here

Please find Richfield City’s 2017 Water Quality Report for your review.  

 A copy of this report will also be enclosed in your March 2018 water bill.  As shown in the report, Richfield City meets or exceeds all Federal EPA standards with regards to water quality. 

You can download a copy of the Water Report Here

Mayors Corner

  • Mayor's Corner 09/19/2019

    Dear Friends: As usual, there are a couple dozen things that I would like to comment on. But I’ve only got enough room to share the major cause I’m laying awake lately! Last week I attended an important conference. It tested my ability to hold still and absorb ideas from others. I was reminded that elected officials set the tone for their cities and their constituents. In that spirit, I want you to know how excited and optimistic I am about our future. Much if my excitement relates to the...

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  • Mayor's Corner 09/12/2019

    Dear Friends: I’ve been working hard to make the Community Development Center a reality.  I always enjoy reading The Richfield Reaper, and I particularly appreciated Melissa Winters’ comments in last week’s edition regarding the benefits of the proposed center.  I agree wholeheartedly. I always look forward to David Anderson’s Cruise Control.  David has had a unique view of life that is always engaging and entertaining.  Let me echo the sentiments expressed in the editorial about civility.  It...

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  • Mayor's Corner 09/05/2019

    Dear Friends: I think I might have some kind of Attention Deficit Disorder!  I have several things in my office that distract me.  They keep me from things that are screaming for attention.  Procrastination may be a side effect of my ailment. One thing that always grabs my attention is old maps.  I’ve created one to teach various groups about trails through Utah.  It shows where Native Americans, traders, trappers, explorers and pioneers traveled to make their mark on our beautiful state and...

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