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So much beauty, so little time!
Looking for a place to visit that will take your breath away and provide endless hours of changing vistas and beautiful landscapes? Richfield is located near some of the most beautiful parks in Utah with easy access to all the routes that will get you there. Listed below are just a few of the many attractions that Richfield has to offer. And don't forget to see all the places we have to eat or stay while you're visiting!

National Parks Destination Milage
Bryce Canyon 101 mi
Canyon Lands 243 mi
Capitol Reef 90 mi
Cedar Breaks 109 mi
Cove Fort 47 mi
Flaming Gorge NRA 272 mi
Fish Lake 36 mi
Fremont Indian State Park 22 mi
Glen Canyon (Lake Powell) NRA 183 mi
Grand Canyon 222 mi
Grand Staircase/Escalante 155 mi
Zion 151 mi

1. Can we tour the fire station?

Yes, by appointment. Please arrange tours a minimum of 7 days in advance. Call the Fire Department Public Relations Officer, Brion Terry, at (435) 201-9722 to arrange your tour. 

2. Can I burn my weeds/brush?

Richfield City uses the State of Utah open burning rules. Section 2.4.4 E of the rule allows open burning of vegetation that is incident to yard clean-up activities located outside of Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and Utah Counties, provided that the burning occurs during the periods March 30 – May 30 and September 15 – October 30. Other times during the year, BURNING IS PROHIBITED. You would be well advised to call dispatch at (435) 896-6471 before you burn and inform them of what you are doing. This would allow for faster response should you lose control. Good judgment should be used when burning weeds nears wood fences and structures. 

3. Can I have a cooking Fire?


  • Your fire must be a very small fire designed for cooking of food. It is considered a recreational fire. It should be in a pit, barrel, or fire container, and confined to an area no larger than 30 inches in diameter and less than 300 square inches, with flame lengths no higher than 3 feet during the ignition phase and thereafter kept as a small smoldering fire. In the surrounding area, a minimum of 2 feet in all directions shall be free of combustible materials. 
  • The fire must be attended until completely extinguished. 
  • If the fire becomes a nuisance to your neighbors, you may be asked to extinguish the fire. 
  • If the fire results in an out-of-control-fire, the responsible party shall be charged for the suppression costs. 
  • The fire department therefore would recommend that all recreational cooking be done over a gas fired appliance to limit the possibility of a fire becoming a nuisance to your neighbors.