Mayor's Corner 08/16/2018

Dear Friends:

Throughout time, a lot has been written about being on the right trail or path. We’re often warned of all the problems with choosing “a dangerous path.” At the same time the world is shouting that we should be independent and choose our own way.

Parents, teachers, coaches and leaders of every stripe are doing all within their power to help us choose the right path. Then along comes someone who simply says, “try this, or wear that, or comb your hair this way”, and suddenly all the wisdom that has been showered down upon us goes right out the window!

As for me, I was always on the right path. I was never influenced by the mists of darkness, or even the mists of Aqua Velva and Musk. By now you know that I’m kidding; at least a little bit!

There are two things that saved me from the armpit of despair.   Sports was probably my first saving grace. Sports can divert you from a bad path, particularly when you are coached by very good people who want what’s best for you and for the team. If nothing else, they wear you out, and that a very good thing for a teenager.

Second, but certainly of no less importance, is prayer. I’m not referring to my prayers, but those of parents, mentors and church leaders who could see the light at the end of the path which leads a successful and productive adulthood. Once there, we can all start praying for the next generation of boys and girls to locate the right path. And the cycle of life continues.

Speaking of paths or trails, I’m so excited to welcome you all to Trail Days next week, August 24th and 25th. There are so many events taking place, and it promises to be great fun for visitors and locals alike. Please check out all the details in the special supplement in the week’s Reaper. You can also register for events and see updates and detailed schedules at Please come and enjoy great entertainment, food and fun. We’ve even added some great Native American Dancers to the program, so don’t miss it!

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 08/09/18

Dear Friends:

It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year: County Fair Week!  There’s such a great variety of events happening, and I sure hope that all of you have or will participate in some way.  I plan on being at the fairgrounds as much as possible.  The county fair celebrates our culture and talent, and it gives us all the opportunity to come together for a week of food, entertainment and fun!

It’s hard to believe, but school starts next week!  We’ve been painting crosswalks and making other preparations.  Our good friends at UDOT have installed new school crossing lights at 500 North and Main Street.  This was a very expensive project.  The effort and expense should serve as one more reminder of just how precious these little children are.

Children will be crossing roads all over our community and throughout the region. They’ll be excited with the prospects of a new school year, meeting new teachers, seeing friends they may not have seen for a few months, and telling stories of their summer adventures.  There may be times when they forget to look up and see the safety dangers around them.

Remind you kids and grandkids to make safety the top priority.  Make sure it’s your top priority, too.  Please stay alert and be watching for little ones walking, skipping or running. They are our future and our treasure.

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 07/26/18

Dear Friends:

What is a community?  In a very general sense, a community is a group of individuals connected by one or more attributes.  It can center around interests, beliefs, geography, or any other common thread.

Usually when I talk about community, my first thought is the place I live.  Richfield is my community, and I love it!  But why do we live in communities?  There are many practical reasons.  Communities bring together resources that go far beyond what most individuals can provide on their own.  They also provide a sense of belonging.

We’re blessed with great communities here in south-central Utah.  For over 150 years, people have figured out, together, how to solve problems and how to make life better for all concerned.

Water is an important community topic right now.  We never seem to have the right amount.  It’s either too much, or too little; and recently we’ve experienced both extremes in the same day!

Recent flash floods have been devastating to some of our neighbors, but they also spotlight what community is all about.  Thank you to all who have responded so quickly when these disasters occur.

The flip side of those isolated downpours is the general drought we’re experiencing.  It’s serious.  Last week the City learned that we won’t be getting any more water from the canals this year.  That impacts our parks, golf course and cemetery, as well as water for irrigation ditches used by some residents for gardens.  We anticipated this would happen, and notified users prior to the season that water would likely run out early this year.

At times we have overflow from our city spring which we’ll make available to those irrigators, but it will be intermittent.  It’s not something we can plan for.  When our culinary water tanks are full, the overflow will be available.  When they’re not, that water goes to fill them.  We’ll continue to operate with our regular irrigation schedules, but users need to know that water may or may not be available at their scheduled time.  We’ll do our best, but it’s really out of our control.

We ask for your patience.  We also ask all residents to use water wisely.  Don’t water during the hottest part of the day.  Don’t waste water.  Be mindful of your impact on neighbors and others.  After all, that’s part of being a community!

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 08/02/18

Dear Friends:

We love our children.  If you’re like me, it’s easy and natural to also love those who are brought into our families by birth, marriage or special friendships.

Automatically loving our children’s dogs, however, has sometimes been a stretch for me. This year I was elected by She Who Shall Not Be Named to tell our children that family love and acceptance does not extend to FightO and HeatO.  To soften the blow, I told them that we would make arrangements for a special “doggie hideout” that I happen to have a key to.

You can’t always anticipate the consequences of every decision, but there were, in fact, two things I should have foreseen.  First, my children wanted cameras to be able to check on the comfort of the dogs on a 24-hour per day basis.  Second, they now know that the dogs are not named as beneficiaries in our will.  This could work in the dogs’ favor, however, as they won’t be left with any my debts.

It’s safe to say that the dogs don’t like me any more than they did before.  I’m afraid it didn’t help my feelings for them, either.  One killed my parrot and chewed up some hearing aids.  Even though HeatO is cute, I’m hanging on to a grudge.

I’m spending a lot of my summer at the Visitor Center.  It’s really looking great.  We are continually adding volunteers, and we’re considering an evening shift from 5:00 to 7:00. It’s great fun helping travelers enjoy our beautiful area more fully.

We live in a great valley!  I was again reminded of this when we participated in the Pioneer Day festivities last week in Monroe.  Volunteers were everywhere!  Thank you from our family and our community.

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 07/19/2018

Dear Friends:

This week I’d like to share a few random thoughts with you.  I’ve started going back to the swimming pool, and it is delightful!  Mornings are just right for me, with music from the 60s and a friendly, helpful staff.  We have easy access into the water and you can do laps, walk and talk, or just listen to timeless classics over the sound system. I invite you to try it for a week.  You’ll get hooked on a healthy way to start your day!

Summer is in full swing, and the heat has been oppressive.  Everything is relative, however.  My daughters in Henderson, NV and Gilbert, AZ have to wear sweaters when they are here visiting!

We are in desperate shape when it comes to water in our entire region.  If you don’t understand why, then you haven’t paid attention to what is happening around us.  The drought affects everything. Cattle went up on the forest late and will be off early.  Feed costs are up because third and fourth crops are scarce.  Reservoir levels are very low.  If we have another poor water year, especially in the mountains, we might all be landscaping differently.


It may come down to faith.  I do not doubt that asking and believing are powerful tools to affect the future.  However, I think it’s wise for all of us to understand cycles and trends.  We are on the wrong side of both so plan and act accordingly.

Finally, I’m spending much of my time at our new Visitor Center.  We have welcomed folks from all over the United States and, at last count, from sixteen foreign countries.  Please come by and see us.  Check out some disc golf equipment (Frisbees) and have fun on the park.  There’s great value in having a real place with real people welcoming travelers to our community and helping them to find local goods and local services.  I’d love to visit with you about it!

Mayor David Ogden

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    Dear Friends: Years ago, I was in a UDOT training to become a flagman for a local contractor.  A question was raised about emergency flagging at night and people not dimming their headlights.  I raised my hand and said, “When people don’t dim their lights, I hit them with my brights to remind them to be more considerate.”  The instructor replied, “Well then, now two of you are blind.” I’ve often thought of this lesson when I have been “straightened out” by others who have their bright light of...

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    Dear Friends: As reported in last week’s edition of The Reaper, the Sevier County Commissioners voted unanimously to move forward with a bond election this November to authorize their funding and participation in a new Community Development Center.  I applaud their decision.  It took courage to take this bold step. As the agency holding the election, they have to be somewhat neutral (“Just the facts, Ma’am) in the way they approach this election.  I, happily, do not have that same obligation! Why do I...

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