Mayor's Corner 11/21/2018

Dear Friends:

The “fast forward” button on the remote control is not a popular item in our home. My better half has never been a big TV sports fan, but if she can sew, knit, crochet or write in her journal while I’m calling the game along with the announcers, she’ll put up with it.

When I record games, my DVR allows me to skip the latest batch of ads from personal injury lawyers and fad diets.  So I fast-forward and, on occasion, accidentally (or not) skip a whole quarter of a game. This causes great distress with my TV-watching partner.

I realized long ago that watching every play and replay isn’t necessary.  Sometimes you just need to know what happens next, but I have to time my leap into the future so as not to arouse suspicion. Like most every other time throughout recorded marital bliss, I get caught and punished.  The cruel and unusual punishment consists of relinquishing control of the all-powerful remote, which we lovingly refer to as Albert.  Like many things in life, once you give up your Albert, it’s dang hard to get it back!.  

Due to my recent knee replacement, I’ve limped and gimped through the fall and not contributed to yard care, home fixit projects, or much of anything else. I’ve worked a few shifts at the Visitor Center and tried to keep up with my mayoral duties.  I can’t imagine what I would do if I couldn’t be involved in some way, every day, helping move things forward.

I limp from meeting to meeting and event to event because I feel it’s important I be there to represent the city.  I’m always willing to give my two cents worth, which is sometimes only worth half that much.  For now, this Mayor job keeps us from being called to serious service that might require leaving home and committing to a higher cause in another part of the world.  We would both like to do this when we get a little YOUNGER.

If that happens some day, we’ll happily submit to someone who has the authority and inspiration, and I’m sure they’ll say I’m in charge of Albert.  Wait a minute—what do you mean we have to leave Albert home? 

Have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving!

Mayor David Ogden  

Mayor's Corner 10/25/2018

Dear Friends:

In this life, there are very few things that I know for certain. One of these certainties is that we enjoy the freedoms that we have because others have been willing to stand up for it, here and abroad.

We had an opportunity to thank a group of local heroes last weekend. More than two dozen of our friends and neighbors who served our country in Viet Nam participated in the Utah Honor Flight visit to Washington, D.C. As they returned on Saturday evening, community members turned out in large numbers to say, “welcome home.” It’s a long-overdue acknowledgment of their service to our nation and to us.

We should thank them every day of our life for the sacrifices made, the willingness to stand in harm’s way for our freedoms, and for the freedom of all mankind around the world. I’m pleased to take the opportunity with this forum to publicly thank those who have been willing to give all for freedom sake.

These are our every-day heroes. Those of us who haven’t served will never fully understand what they went through for freedom’s sake and for us. They did not ask for recognition. They did not ask to be our heroes. They did not ask to stand in the limelight, but they did, in a very real sense, stand in freedom‘s light. We owe them our thanks. We owe them our honor. We owe them our lives.

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 11/1/2018

Dear Friends:

One week ago today, we passed a milestone at the new Richfield Visitor Center.  We hosted our two thousandth visitor since opening in late June. That’s right --- 2,000!  This includes folks from 40 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 24 additional foreign countries.

There are so many people who have made this dream a reality.  I wish I could name and thank each individual, but I know I’d miss someone.  So to all, a collective and heartfelt “Thank You”.

The most meaningful and important part of this effort is that we have tried our level-best to provide direction to travelers who needed help.  We have provided ideas for folks that have kept them in our area for extra days.  We have encouraged travelers to try out local restaurants and drive-ins.  We have sent them to local shops for repairs and supplies. Time after time, we have explained how easy it is to access our unique stores that set us apart from others along the interstate.

We’ve now moved to our fall and winter schedule; 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Saturday.  Even though we have a good, solid base of volunteers, we would love to have more who would help for a few hours each week.

No special knowledge is required and training from our wonderful staff is provided. Call or come in and we will answer questions and share our enthusiasm for this very important service. After all, service is the rent we pay for the space we occupy.

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 11/8/2018

Dear Friends:

I’ve always been particularly sensitive to all things dealing with our wonderful service men and women. It’s so important that we honor our veterans of previous generations and those brave, stalwart individuals who are now protecting our freedoms; both here at home and on foreign soil. They’re truly protecting freedoms for all mankind.

Last week I met Tyler Calder, Alpha Battery Commander of the 222nd right here in Richfield. I told him that we love our soldiers, and pledged to him that we will continue to do all that is in our power to support them. I told him that communities are always in need of heroes, and that we all recognize Alpha Battery’s place in filling that need. They are ready at a moment’s notice to serve and protect us, and they have a most distinguished record of protecting the rights of all men and women to live in Freedom’s Light.

Next Monday, November 12th we will recognize those who have served our nation with our Veterans Day Program at the Sevier Valley Veterans Memorial in the Richfield City Cemetery. The 10:30 a.m. program will not only have Alpha Battery’s participation, including our speaker, Ryan Palmer. It will also feature great patriotic music by the Pahvant Elementary 5th Grade Chorus. The Richfield High School Jazz Band, under the direction of Mr. Brian Thompson will also perform.

As many of you know, Veterans Day began as a celebration of the armistice, or cessation of hostilities, at the end of World War I, which occurred on November 11, 1918. At that time, it was thought to be the end of “the war to end all wars.” We all know that didn’t turn out to be the case, but now we use Veterans Day as another opportunity to show our loyalty and appreciation for sacrifices made in our behalf. Let’s turn out en masse to honor our heroes of the past and the present.

Mayor's Corner 10/18/2018

Dear Friends:

All summer long, we’ve wondered if we were going to turn into dust and blow away.  At the same time, other parts of the country have battled hurricanes, tropical storms and flood waters.  The gentle rains we had last week were the perfect prescription for relief.  We absolutely need a long, snowy winter, but those rains were a huge blessing.  We prayed for rain, and I certainly hope we’ve all expressed our individual and collective appreciation to the providential supplier of such blessings.

I had a knee replaced earlier this week.  The good news is that my chore list at home will be put aside for a few days.  It goes without saying that a full crew of workers would need to be hired to replace me!  Seriously, I’ve been very little help for months and my contribution to home duties has been only in my mind.  I’d like to say this was all by design, but it was really just a pain!  This too shall pass, and hopefully I’ll be able to earn my keep again.

I recently spoke to librarians from around the state who were in Richfield for a conference. After telling a couple lame jokes, I expressed my appreciation for our wonderful librarian, Michelle Olsen.  She is a wonderful person who is always thinking of others and trying to improve every person and situation.

Every day, in fact, I think of how fortunate I am to work with such great people here at the office and in our city.  Our employees and volunteers are amazing folks who do their best to make things work to the benefit of all of us.

Mayor David Ogden

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