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Mayor's Corner 09/12/2019

Dear Friends:

I’ve been working hard to make the Community Development Center a reality.  I always enjoy reading The Richfield Reaper, and I particularly appreciated Melissa Winters’ comments in last week’s edition regarding the benefits of the proposed center.  I agree wholeheartedly.

I always look forward to David Anderson’s Cruise Control.  David has had a unique view of life that is always engaging and entertaining.  Let me echo the sentiments expressed in the editorial about civility.  It was spot on.  If we want our opinions to be respected, there’s no place for name-calling or questioning another’s sincerity when they see things differently.

I recently read an article by Wilfred M. McClay titled Rediscovering the Wisdom in American History.  Among many other bodacious thoughts he shares is that “historical consciousness is to civilized society what memory is to individual identity.  Without memory; without the stories by which our memories are carried forward, we cannot say who, or what, we are.”

He goes on to say, “Without them, our life and thought dissolve into a meaningless, unrelated rush of events. Without them, we cannot do the most human of things; we cannot learn, use language, pass on knowledge, raise children, and establish rules of conduct, engage in science, or dwell harmoniously in society. Without them, we cannot govern ourselves.”

Friends, we need to understand history and learn from it.  It is not all roses.  You might need a hard hat to study it, but know this; the American Experiment, which we are a part of, has reaped far more benefit to this world than harm.  Let’s not allow history to be deleted just because those in it were not all that it is thought they should be.  We need to tell their story and understand the times they lived in.  I am confident that if we do that, they will still be our heroes and heroines and we will look up to them even more than we ever did.

Mayor David Ogden