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Mayor's Corner 08/29/2019

Dear Friends:

As reported in last week’s edition of The Reaper, the Sevier County Commissioners voted unanimously to move forward with a bond election this November to authorize their funding and participation in a new Community Development Center.  I applaud their decision.  It took courage to take this bold step.

As the agency holding the election, they have to be somewhat neutral (“Just the facts, Ma’am) in the way they approach this election.  I, happily, do not have that same obligation!

Why do I think we need this facility?  First and foremost, I believe our kids and grandkids need to get their thumbs in the water.  You cannot text on a water slide!  Friendships will be formed, energy will be constructively used, and lifelong healthy habits will result.

Serious swimmers, which include hundreds in our valley and beyond, can finally practice without shutting down the leisure and children’s pool areas.  Folks who are rehabbing injuries or need relief from the stresses of life will have a comfortable place to achieve those results.  Children will be able to walk directly into the water and play area with Moms and Dads near, and the outside pool will be just steps away so everyone can enjoy the summer sunshine.

Parents can also walk, run, swim, exercise and play pickleball while their kids are watched and cared for.  Classrooms will double as community meeting rooms and also provide exercise classes of all types.  I’m also excited that family changing rooms will be available in the locker area.

Adding to this is the great complement the Center will be for the Sevier Valley Center and Snow College.  It will provide for student life and encourage student housing plans.  In summary, it can have a huge impact for good for our city, our county, and the broader Central Utah area.

I could go on and on, but I want to make the point again that there will NOT be a tax increase for city or county residents.  The County’s obligation for the SVC will be concluded in 2021.  The new bond issue would use some of the money that has gone to that purpose.  The City’s obligation on the expanded golf course will be completed 2022, and again would be repurposed for the new Center.

I will come anywhere to meet with individuals or groups to explain our plan. To the nay-sayers; even if you are sure that you will never use this facility, think of the thousands who will and the benefits that will be provided to young and old.

Mayor David Ogden