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Mayor's Corner 08/15/2019

Dear Friends:

Life’s hectic. We are all constantly bombarded with so many issues. There are, however, some things that continually need to be brought back to the forefront, and I’d like to discuss one such issue.

We have made great progress with the proposed Community Development/Aquatics and Recreation Center. A project of this magnitude requires lots of planning and input. It’s challenging, but I know the finished product will be worth it!

We realized early on that a partnership between the City, the County and Snow College would be required to achieve the desired result. That partnership is working. The county commissioners are careful and thoughtful individuals. They are good businessmen and want to make sure the best interests of the county residents remain front and center in this process.

As we move forward with the project, there will be thoughtful consideration for the wants and needs of all citizens. I’m certain the concept we start with undergo significant and appropriate modifications. Changes will come as the funding sources develop and the plans mature.

I liken this effort to the one two decades ago which resulted in the construction of the Sevier Valley Center. When the SVC was planned, there were quite a few naysayers. Most have now recognized that it has been and will continue to be a great blessing to all of us. 

No great endeavor happens without opposition. Well-meaning and sincere naysayers are vital to make sure that those who represent us are doing the best for us, and to insure we’re not being wasteful and extravagant. 

Please know that this project will not involve a net tax increase. That being said, tax money which has been funding other projects will be redirected to this effort. If the new project is not constructed, taxes will go down somewhat. This will be fully detailed and explained before the county vote for their bond issue takes place in November.

Our state elected officials, Senator Ralph Okerlund and Representative Carl Albrecht totally support this effort. Senator Okerlund recently wrote about it saying, “This center is the most important thing we can do for the Central Region of our state. This is a project that deserves the best each of us has to make it a reality.”

Mayor David Ogden