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Mayor's Corner 7/25/2019

Dear Friends:

Last week, my sweetheart tended grandchildren at their home in Nevada.  While she was away, my job was to keep the garden and flowers watered.  I’m happy to report that she returned to find most of the greenery alive, and as a result, so am I!

I know that Pioneer Day just passed, but I must say something about pioneers.  They knew they wouldn’t be around long enough to enjoy the shade of the trees they planted.  There’s a great lesson in that.  We plant and build and educate because it’s what is necessary and right for those who follow after us.

Pioneers planted crops for those who would follow them on the trail.  We do the same in a very real sense.  Many who are just starting out on life’s journey are oblivious to our planning and planting.  Their “thank you’s” won’t come for may years, and that’s just fine.  We are only now realizing the sacrifices of those who have trudged ahead and planted and built.

We need to build responsibly and not over-obligate those that follow.  The last thing we want or need is for our progeny to have to pay for mistakes.  Sometimes, however, it appears the safe thing is to do nothing, but that’s truly irresponsible. That’s for people with no vision.  Progress will never mean standing still, and challenges are never overcome by shrinking back.

I’m asked all the time to support causes, and I’m always happy to do that when it’s a worthy one.  I’d like to tell you about one such cause.  My youngest son, Ryan, is a world humanitarian.  He guides folks all over the world to work on worthwhile projects like orphanages, schools, libraries, water systems, etc.  He also makes sure that the volunteers are fully immersed in the cultures they visit.

One of his volunteers is peddling his bicycle across the United States and will be coming here to our valley in the next week.  Check out his progress at  As you look at the website, you may even see some folks from our valley who have traveled and served.

Mayor David Ogden