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Mayor's Corner 7/18/2019

Dear Friends:

Today I’m writing about White Trash; not the plain kind, but the extra-special kind we are blessed with.  Anybody who has lived away from our valley knows how very lucky we are when it comes to our garbage collection.  It really is one of the best values in town or anywhere else!

I have taken advantage of the White’s willingness to haul about anything I put out on the street. Today, I ordered another trash can --- $2.50 a month!  What a bargain.  I should have done it a long time ago.

I’m guilty of putting all kinds of things out, including whatever container I have full of all sorts of things.  Magically, it seems, I can count on a White’s employee with super-human strength to pick it up.  I should know better.  I’m a walking (or limping) example of the cumulative effect of lifting cases of milk and hay bales ever since I was a pup.  Why haven’t I been more understanding of those who lift our trash all day long?  Starting today, I am repenting of my stupidity.

Summer and fall are the times I need an extra trash can the most.  When the kids visit, I can fill up our regular can in five minutes.  Maybe with my extra container waiting to be filled, I might clean out my garage and actually park a vehicle in there.  This extra trash can just might be life-changing!  I guess it really is like repenting.

Come on, citizens (and that means whoever reads this).  Let’s not take advantage of the situation any longer.  We’re getting a great service at a very fair price.  If you’re a landlord, don’t expect Whites to haul off everything your last tenant left behind.  Remodelers, be fair and load your demolition leftovers in truck or order a large dumpster for proper disposal.  Let’s all be mindful of what should (and shouldn’t) be included in our weekly trash pick-up.

Mayor David Ogden