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Mayor's Corner 4/11/2019

Dear Friends:

Our Sevier Valley Visitor Center officially reopened last week for another season! Along with the opening, the Center received a great upgrade. Thanks to Morgan and Michael Shaver of Dogberry Collections right here in Richfield, and the donated time and talent of Kurt and Andre Christensen we now have some beautiful wood accents in the Center. It really makes a great impression on our visitors.

In addition, we have another beautiful display piece that is a perfect representation of hard work and the importance of working together. Mark Nentwich donated a traditional two-man saw, and Greg Williams beautifully restored and installed the display at the Center.

Our volunteers are blessing lives and helping folks from far and wide to find their way and know where to stay; to know where to fix a tire or buy some wire; to be able to find a trail or send their mail. Wow, I’d better stop before my poetic juices really get going!

Thanks to all of our volunteers. They are making travel safer, more enjoyable, and truly more rewarding for so many.

Mayor David Ogden