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Mayor's Corner 2/28/2019

Dear Friends:

I feel it’s only fair I tell you that last week, my wife and I went our separate ways.

Actually, I went North for meetings and she headed South with her mother, sisters and sisters-in-law to a Donny and Marie show and other fun things. The “odds are” that they had a wonderful time, but I may never know for sure. You’ve heard the saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

It’s not often that the Black Ridge has worse driving conditions than the Point Of The Mountain, but this time it was. Snow in St. George and Las Vegas is unusual, but last week proved it does happen once in a great while.

I went to the state capitol and participated in Rural Day On The Hill. I’m proud to know Senator Ralph Okerlund and Representative Carl Albrecht. They are constantly working to help Rural Utah. They both have great judgment and significant influence with other lawmakers. Their collaborative work with fellow elected officials has brought about some very good things for our area. Make sure you thank them when you see them.

Our county commissioners also work very hard for us every day. There are so many tasks and challenges in governing. I applaud anyone who ventures into that arena. We are represented very well by dedicated commissioners.

As I write this, I’m reminded that eating a jalapeño hot dog and drinking a soda late in the day leads to a restless night for me. My challenge now is to get home and put the last piece of a puzzle together that we’ve been working on. It has pictures of candy and sweets from my youth. I can almost taste the memories!

Mayor David Ogden