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Mayor's Corner 2/21/2019

Dear Friends:

Last week a long-time friend, Larry Lamprecht, stopped by to see me.  I was impressed just how much his heart is full of concern for his fellow men.

We live at a time when people really need to step up and help others.  Many who read this might be thinking that they have been helping and that they always raise their hand up, especially when youth need our help.  Communities, church groups and youth organizations have done a great job, but there are still too many who slip into dark places where hope and value give way to despair and despondency.

Much has been written on this subject.  A favorite quote of mine comes from a talk by Spencer Kimball, where he said, “God watches over us; but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.”

Lest you think I’ve slipped into a church talk, I want to say that some of my favorite people in this world are uncomfortable in a church setting.  But those same folks are constantly looking for ways to help their fellowmen.  I hope we can all be sensitive to promptings, whereby we recognize an individual who needs encouragement and we do something; whether it be a fishing trip, a talent shared or just a listening ear.

Some make the time to encourage a group of youth.  That’s great.  But “one at a time” is really where the big difference can be made.  It’s important to build trust with parents as we work with youth.  Miracles will happen as we share talents, build confidence and help a struggling individual establish a firm footing.  Before you know is, those you help will be reaching out themselves and lifting others.

I my view, this is a short and anecdotal request to dozens in our community who are ready, willing and able to help right now.  I applaud and plead at the same time that your enthusiasm, genuine concern and willingness to make a difference will grow and bear much fruit.  I am raising my hand right now and committing myself to be part of the solution.

Mayor David Ogden