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Mayor's Corner 2/14/2019

Dear Friends:

Did you know that we’re approaching the 150th anniversary or sesquicentennial celebration of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in May of 1869.  Wow, that sentence was a mouthful!  I’d love to have city-wide party.  All I need to do is get train tracks laid down again from Thistle Junction to Richfield, so we can hear that whistle blow!

How many of you can remember that train whistle?  I could hear it from my house on 2nd West and 4th North in Richfield.  I’d probably have to be right next door now in order to hear it.  She Who Shall Not Be Named would tell you that the most common words heard at my home are “what”, “huh”, “pardon me”, and “please say that again”.

On May 10th we need to do something to remind us of the impact that the railroad had on our community and our area.  I would love to see old photos you may have.  At our Visitor Center, we have a picture of the train arriving in Richfield for the first time.  I’d love to show it to you, just as I show classes of fourth graders, middle schoolers and scout groups.  If you’ll share any additional photos with us, it would really add to the story.  Perhaps we could even make copies.

You all know I love the past, but I’m not stuck in it.  Looking back truly helps us see the future more clearly.  I’ve been reading Steven Ambrose’s book about the transcontinental effort, Nothing Like It in the World.  It was a fantastic accomplishment and it changed so much for so many.  Very few projects in U.S. history have had the impact of the transcontinental railroad.  Read about it and dream about it with me.

Mayor David Ogden.