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Mayor's Corner 01/31/2019

Dear Friends:

As he stared at my various projects, my high school shop teacher would always shake his head and say, “sand it up.”  Those are, as far as I can remember, the only words he ever said to me. I sanded some of my work to the point it disappeared completely!

I have friends who know how to build things, and do it beautifully. One of those talented individuals is Kelly Stewart. Last year, he resurrected an old pioneer cupboard and made it beautiful and functional again. He then generously donated it to our Visitor Center. You should come and see it, and I’d be happy to arrange that. Remember, however, that we’re looking for more volunteers for the Center this summer and I’m in recruiting mode! It’s an incredibly rewarding experience, and I’d love to explain to you how you can help us.

Kelly is one of those rare folks who can look at something and see the possibilities. He has repurposed old windows and made them into beautiful cabinets for miscellaneous whatnots. We have whatnots galore in one of Kelly’s creations. He has just the right temperament and talent to build or fix almost anything.

Personally, I fall short on creativity unless I am on a stage in front of an audience. In that setting, I’ve managed to create misunderstanding, hate and discord, along with an occasional laugh.

Laughing with those who are laughing at me is a talent I developed as a boy. As an eleven year-old, I remember singing the song, Rubber Ball by Bobby Vee in front of my sixth grade class. It was my bright idea for “show and tell.” On the front row was a Navajo friend named Chet Bryant. He was so embarrassed for me that he crawled under his own desk as a favor to his friend.

If America’s Got Talent was around then they would have said to me, “If your phone doesn’t ring, you’ll know it’s us.”

Mayor David Ogden