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Mayor's Corner 01/24/2019

Dear Friends:

I’m always amazed at the seamless transformation of the seasons at my home.  Magically, somehow, the Christmas decorations have disappeared and now hearts have popped up everywhere.  It’s not that that I’m unwilling to help.  It’s just that I am no help.  I have no sense of style or fashion, not to mention that my patience for such things never developed in my youth.

We love puzzles during the holidays.  I’m happy to say they’ve all been completed, and the pieces we searched for and swore were missing miraculously turned up right among the others.   So much for blaming the grandchildren for lost pieces.  We have decided to never again purchase a puzzle with hundreds of pieces that are the same shade of green.

I have been thinking about puzzles lately and I share this thought with you.  It is relatively easy to get the outside edge of a puzzle put together.  That’s how so many things in life are.  The framework of projects is often easily conceived and agreed upon by the puzzlers.  It’s the detail that takes time and effort and collaboration.  Unlike a puzzle, we can change the look of things as we go along.  If we doggedly say there’s only one way it will work; if we have no flexibility; then we can easily lose valuable participants whose contributions might yield a better result.

As we puzzle as to how our new Community Development and Aquatic Center should look and function, we must be willing to look at things from different points of view. I’m confident that it will come together and that one day, not so far away, we will all be saying that the parts fit.  We’ll find that it truly is a blessing that puzzlers and planners worked together with foresight and determination to put it together.


Nothing worthwhile is easy!

Mayor David Ogden