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Mayor's Corner 01/17/2019

Dear Friends:

We’re always looking for new businesses here in the city.  There would be no better news than to have a company looking at our valley favorably when considering starting or expanding a business.  We need to have different sites available for different needs, and we do.

As many of you know, we have a business park south of town.  It’s on the East side of Highway 118, near the Sevier County Maintenance Yard.  The park contains 70-plus acres of land, with all the utilities installed and ready for development.  You can help!  Each of us has a different circle of acquaintances and contacts.  Please be on the lookout lookout for small manufacturers who want a beautiful, functional location that is ready for tenants.

There are other locations that fit into Opportunity Tax Zones on the west side of our community.. Sevier County Economic Development Director Malcolm Nash can explain the advantages of building or investing in an Opportunity Zone.

Everyone probably gets tired of hearing me say to shop locally.  It may sound like an old, tired phrase, but that doesn’t make it any less important.  Every resident should understand how the dollars spent with local merchants go all around our community several times.  It’s really the life-blood of a regional hub such as Richfield.

In my experience, our local businesses are very competitive for most goods and services.  Let’s make our own retailers the first and last place to shop.  If I honestly look at it, I have never once saved by traveling north or south to shop.  When you factor in the cost of travel, including eating, and the FACT that you buy more than you intended to buy, we would all be better off to shop here!  Besides, I haven’t seen too many stores from Salt Lake or St. George with their names on our baseball fields or supporting any number of local causes.  Let’s support those who make our community great!

Mayor David Ogden