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Mayor's Corner 01/10/2019

Dear Friends:

You may not know (or even care), but I’ve served on the Utah State Board of Juvenile Justice Services (JJS) for the past three years.  During that time, I’ve formed opinions based on the dozen or so seminars and some thirty-plus meetings with the top professionals in our state in that field.  These professionals lead JJS and make decisions about programs and strategies that affect our youth in schools, courts, and our Shelter Receiving Center in Richfield.

Adolescence is remembered more than any other time of our life, largely because it involves a lot of “firsts”.  I’m sure you and I could each name a hundred or more.  It’s a time of elasticity in the brain.  It’s the time our brain is built, rewired and remodeled.  We remember things.

When we become adults, most of that brain remodeling ceases.  I believe that adolescence is being stretched on both ends now.  We can’t just hold our breath while our children and grandchildren pass through it.  We can make a difference in the lives of our youth by simply and actively getting involved.

As always, I have made some resolutions for this year.  They don’t involve a lot of brain-stretching, but they do involve change.  I’ve committed to be more willing to listen and more willing to look at problems from different points of view.  Along those lines, She Who Shall Not Be Named has all ready declared that I need to readjust the way I look at my garage collection.

Mayor David Ogden