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Mayor's Corner 01/03/2019

Dear Friends

I’m asked regularly if it’s hard to come up with thoughts for an article each week. Thoughts race through my head like a whirlwind. The difficult part is organizing them so that they make sense!

I received a “new to me” old book of poetry for Christmas. I already read hours of Kipling, Henley, Frost, Whitman, Burns, Cummings, Yeats, Dickenson and others. I’m tempted to quote the well-expressed thoughts of these pros, but I’ll resist.

I can easily reflect on the year just passed or plans for this new one we’ve started this week. Early on in my first years of being Mayor, I remember thinking that preparation and safety were paramount in my responsibility. Although they have their place and still occupy much of my thoughts for our citizens, they tend to ebb and flow as the weather.

I am anxious to help our youth see and understand their vital role in their families, our community, and in the world. I hope they can find satisfaction in being helpful and hopeful. I’m confident that most will be able to navigate the tides of life and the rivers of emotion.

However, the bridge-builders can’t seem to make bridges fast enough or inviting enough to get all of our youth safely across the gulfs and gaps that are ever-present. What can we do? It may sound simplistic, but I would say, “anything we can!”

Pray for them. Plead with them. Light the path when possible. Get help where available. And above all else, don’t fall into the trap of telling them we know exactly what their experiencing. We don’t!

Grandparents, our role is to love and support both parents and children. We grew up in a simpler time. It may be fun to say we walked uphill both ways to get to school, but we didn’t. Perhaps our most important duty is letting today’s children know that we absolutely love and need them.   Make it a good year.

Mayor David Ogden