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Mayor's Corner 12/27/2018

Dear Friends:

By now most of the plastic toys your children and grandchildren received for Christmas are broken and beyond repair.  The new clothing we received did not make us look any thinner.

Do you ever talk to your clothing?  She Who Shall Not Be Named has caught me talking to nearly all my clothing, and I wasn’t being very nice!  Everything used to glide on and I could jump in and out of things in a second.  Now, clothing is made to trip me up.  Stockings must be put on while seated (and holding my breath).  Belts are more than just a fashion statement.  They need to have a certain amount of give in them.  It’s called the “bend and give.”

We are blessed beyond measure to live in this free land.  Challenges are ever-present and Freedom is still not free.  But we espouse that it is every man’s right to live in freedom’s light and we should accept the reasonability that comes with our liberty.

I was just reading about current living conditions in Venezuela.  It breaks my heart to know that millions, there and elsewhere, are mostly living minute to minute.  Trying to get even the most basic ingredients for a traditional holiday meal is completely out of reach for most.  The average Venezuelan lost 24 lbs last year.  Even though I’d like to lose some weight, this is a diet I don’t want to try.  Their inflation rate has now reached 40,000 percent.  Yes, forty thousand!

Suddenly, I’ve lost any interest in humor.  Don’t take our freedom and our blessings for granted.  May God bless the people of Venezuela with what they need for the light of freedom to shine in their hearts, their homes, and in their Halls of State.

Mayor David Ogden