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Mayor's Corner 12/13/2018

Dear Friends:

Last weekend I was reflecting on what the Christmas season might have been like for some of my progenitors.  John Williamson Coons was my father’s grandfather.  He was born on December 7, 1853 in Bethlehem, Iowa.  His father, Lebbeus Thaddeus Coons is buried in our Pioneer Cemetery west of Richfield High School.

John was the Sevier County Sheriff from 1889 to 1901.  His wife, Eliza Ann Ogilvie, was the daughter of George and Eliza Ann Ogilvie who were among the first settlers in Richfield in 1864. The Ogdens were relative late-comers, not arriving until 1872.

I can get carried away with history.  I also understand there are those who hate history, especially someone else’s, so I’ll move on.  Before I do, however, I must tell you that just minutes before writing this column, I was impressed to call my father’s cousin, Dan Coons, who is the family history authority and author of many documented histories of my progenitors. I learned that I had missed an email he sent me two days ago about his wife’s passing!  I was prompted to call Dan, and no one can convince me otherwise..

During this holiday season, please pay attention when you are prompted to visit or call an old friend or a new neighbor.  It may be that your visit won’t seem to make any difference or those you call on might even seem annoyed and interrupted by your call.  Trust me — do it anyway!

So many are alone and need company.  So many folks around us may be discouraged and disappointed.  They may not be feeling the excitement of the season.  Their “wondering awe” might seem more like “bah humbug.”  Even if you don’t appear to have cheered up your contact, it can do wonders for your own attitude and gratitude.

My office is always open, and even if it’s a sincere dog complaint, I’m glad for the visit.  Just remember to also share something that is going well with your life.  Regardless of the angst we may feel from life’s barking dogs, we need to separate them from the rest of our reality.  We’ll be happier for doing so.

Mayor David Ogden