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Mayor's Corner 12/06/2018

Dear Friends:

As I was driving on Thanksgiving weekend, I happened to look up and see that we had a beautiful, full moon. As we traveled along (at the posted speed limit), I noticed that the moon seemed to be moving with us. It appeared to keep pace with us! As a young boy this perception fascinated me so much that I even stopped teasing my sisters and watched and wondered.

As we mature and understand distance and perspective, we lose the wonder of certain things. If we’re not careful we can stop paying attention altogether, and take for granted the things we should most love.

For some, I’m afraid the Christmas season is that way. It’s rather easy to lose perspective as we’re bombarded with the pandemonium that surrounds us in the 21st century version of this holiday. To truly appreciate and enjoy this special season, we need to step back, slow down, and recapture some child-like innocence. We need to wonder and imagine. We need to love and find joy. We need to once again notice the order of things.

May we respond to promptings to do and say and feel and share and imagine. May we feel the love that draws us back towards the Babe in the Manger. He, too, will always keep pace with us as we speed along through life.

Mayor David Ogden