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Mayor's Corner 11/21/2018

Dear Friends:

The “fast forward” button on the remote control is not a popular item in our home. My better half has never been a big TV sports fan, but if she can sew, knit, crochet or write in her journal while I’m calling the game along with the announcers, she’ll put up with it.

When I record games, my DVR allows me to skip the latest batch of ads from personal injury lawyers and fad diets.  So I fast-forward and, on occasion, accidentally (or not) skip a whole quarter of a game. This causes great distress with my TV-watching partner.

I realized long ago that watching every play and replay isn’t necessary.  Sometimes you just need to know what happens next, but I have to time my leap into the future so as not to arouse suspicion. Like most every other time throughout recorded marital bliss, I get caught and punished.  The cruel and unusual punishment consists of relinquishing control of the all-powerful remote, which we lovingly refer to as Albert.  Like many things in life, once you give up your Albert, it’s dang hard to get it back!.  

Due to my recent knee replacement, I’ve limped and gimped through the fall and not contributed to yard care, home fixit projects, or much of anything else. I’ve worked a few shifts at the Visitor Center and tried to keep up with my mayoral duties.  I can’t imagine what I would do if I couldn’t be involved in some way, every day, helping move things forward.

I limp from meeting to meeting and event to event because I feel it’s important I be there to represent the city.  I’m always willing to give my two cents worth, which is sometimes only worth half that much.  For now, this Mayor job keeps us from being called to serious service that might require leaving home and committing to a higher cause in another part of the world.  We would both like to do this when we get a little YOUNGER.

If that happens some day, we’ll happily submit to someone who has the authority and inspiration, and I’m sure they’ll say I’m in charge of Albert.  Wait a minute—what do you mean we have to leave Albert home? 

Have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving!

Mayor David Ogden