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Mayor's Corner 10/18/2018

Dear Friends:

All summer long, we’ve wondered if we were going to turn into dust and blow away.  At the same time, other parts of the country have battled hurricanes, tropical storms and flood waters.  The gentle rains we had last week were the perfect prescription for relief.  We absolutely need a long, snowy winter, but those rains were a huge blessing.  We prayed for rain, and I certainly hope we’ve all expressed our individual and collective appreciation to the providential supplier of such blessings.

I had a knee replaced earlier this week.  The good news is that my chore list at home will be put aside for a few days.  It goes without saying that a full crew of workers would need to be hired to replace me!  Seriously, I’ve been very little help for months and my contribution to home duties has been only in my mind.  I’d like to say this was all by design, but it was really just a pain!  This too shall pass, and hopefully I’ll be able to earn my keep again.

I recently spoke to librarians from around the state who were in Richfield for a conference. After telling a couple lame jokes, I expressed my appreciation for our wonderful librarian, Michelle Olsen.  She is a wonderful person who is always thinking of others and trying to improve every person and situation.

Every day, in fact, I think of how fortunate I am to work with such great people here at the office and in our city.  Our employees and volunteers are amazing folks who do their best to make things work to the benefit of all of us.

Mayor David Ogden