Public Hearing

Richfield City hereby gives notice that on August 22, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at the Richfield City Center, 75 East Center, Richfield, Utah the Richfield City Council will hold a public hearing concerning the proposed annexation of real property owned by John and Caylyn Juluson within the areas defined in the Master Policy Declaration for future expansion by Richfield City. The application of a rural residential zone (RR-1) will also be considered. The property is located at approximately 1540 North and 500 East. The complete legal description and the plat relating to the proposed annexation is available for review at the office of the City Recorder, 75 East Center, Richfield, Utah.

 Published in The Richfield Reaper August 3 and August 10, 2017.

Richfield City Corp

75 East Center