At the City Council
In and For Said City
August 13, 2019
Minutes of the Richfield City Council meeting held on Tuesday, October 8, 2019
at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Richfield City office building located at 75 East Center, Richfield, Utah. Mayor David C. Ogden presiding.

1. OPENING REMARKS by Councilmember Barnett
2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE by Councilmember Arrington.
3. ROLL CALL. Present: Mayor David Ogden, Kevin Arrington, Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Matthew Creamer, Mike Langston and Michele Jolley.
4. MINUTES APPROVED. Motion: Table the minutes of the meeting held June 25, 2019 because some council members did not receive their packets, Action: Tabled. Moved by: Bryan Burrows, Seconded by Kathy Christensen. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea=5). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson.
5. EXPENDITURES APPROVED. Motion: Table approval of Warrants and Cash Disbursements for July 2019, Action: Tabled. Moved by Bryan Burrows, Seconded by Kathy Christensen. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea=5). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson.
6. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT. Rick Robinson reported on Planning Commission meeting held August 7, 2019. Mr. Robinson stated that the Planning Commission held a public hearing to receive comments on the proposed amendment to the Annexation Policy of the General Plan to define acceptable water rights for annexation. They recommended some changes to wording, but approved the amendment. The Planning Commission also held a public hearing to receive comments on a request to amend the zoning ordinance to allow medical cannabis in the City limits. The Planning Commission recommended that this only be allowed in the downtown zones for now. They approved 8-foot fence between residential and commercial because there is a truck parked there that has the refrigerated unit run all night. A home-based tree trimming business was approved with conditions on noise and off-street parking. A monument storage facility was approved at 59 East 500 South.
7. PUBLIC HEARING FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CENTER. Mayor Ogden stated that he wanted to set some ground rules. He noted that we are not here to strangle the County Commissioners. They were unable to be here, but Malcolm Nash is here and will represent to them what was said. He noted that the Commissioners are interested in our welfare and that they are doing what they think is best given all the considerations. I hope you are here to express support for the community development center. When he became Mayor, one of the first things discussed was that the old pool was going to fall apart and we have been able to keep it going for five years. That does not mean that it is going to go on forever. Every year it seems to be a little more expensive. Mayor Ogden explained that we are holding this hearing tonight at the request of the County Commissioners and we agreed to do it. Mayor Ogden asked those making comments to state their names and to not get personal.
Mayor Ogden understood that the Commissioners are against this as it stands because they wanted more information and we gave them everything that we knew that they wanted to the best of our ability. There has obviously been some misunderstanding and it would be wonderful if we had more time, but if we are going to have a vote on this we have to have this to the Lieutenant Governor 75 days before the election and that date is next Wednesday. The Commissioners have determined that the vote should be held next June, except we lose a very big advantage that we have and that is that Senator Ralph Okerlund is going to retire after the next legislative session.
We do not want this hearing to warp into a gripe session about the Commissioners.
Councilmember Burrows spoke with two of the Commissioners today and the issues they had were with the concept drawings. They feel like they do not have enough information to try to express to the County residents. He felt that we needed to give the Commissioners the benefit of the doubt because he thought they were looking out for the best interest of the County.
Pat Wilson explained that the drawings that we currently have are a concept plan and are by no means an architectural design. For us to go to an architect and have they begin to design this we would have to put up over a half million dollars. The concept was defined based on what features we need inside this facility in order to support the citizenry and the community around.
The concept includes the 17 features that as we have met with people are the most important coming out of the survey that the City did a while back as well as some of the information in meeting with the different groups that we have met with at this point. The proposed fitness loft would have treadmills, spinners, bikes, etc. The College part of this is to obtain student life activities, which is why the aerobics and the gymnasium features are included because they have not access to those facilities here and it gives them a greater student life.
This is just a concept and nothing is final. It was developed to try and include all of the features that came out of the survey and the discussions with various people. Obviously we are not going to get everything we want, but we try and get the things that are the highest priorities and meet the greatest number needs.
Tanner Thompson was angry about this. He talked with Commissioner Ogden and he told Mr. Thompson that he is for this, but stated that the County had been asked by the City to write a blank check. The Commissioners did not vote against this, they voted to table it. He noted that time is of the essence. He is bothered by the fact that there has not been enough communication with the County so they have all the information that they need.
Mayor Ogden stated that the City has kept the Commissioners informed all along the way and the City did not ask for a blank check. Tanner Thompson asked what the Commissioners need in order to take a vote.
Mr. Creamer stated that about 3 weeks ago the County gave the City a list of items and the City responded. This meeting was one of those items and we have had discussions on what the anticipated cost is and Mr. Wilson brought detailed information for every section of the facility in terms of square footage, cost per square foot, etc., that were based on other facilities and architectural estimates. This came as quite a surprise to the City because we really did feel that we had provided everything that they had requested.
Tanner Thompson stated that he would love to see the City find the answers to the Commissioners questions. They can be the court of public opinion and they can hold them accountable, but they cannot give them the information that they are looking. So they could hold the Commissioners feet to the fire.
Mayor Ogden felt that there were just some misunderstandings because as Mr. Wilson pointed out, we cannot give them every detail without spending a lot of money and we are not ready to do that. We have to see if the public wants to do it and is willing to be able to go to the Community Impact Board for a loan/grant combination. If we do this, we have been assured by our legislatures that they will feel confident in asking for money to benefit of Snow College and our community. The College knows that if they hold classes there for any reason that they will be responsible for some of the O & M. So the College is willing to accept 25% of the O & M, the City 50% and the County was willing to accept 25%, but that kind of transferred into only a $125,000 per year; which may be fine to start with, but may not be fine 10 years down the road.
Councilmember Barnett felt that there is something here that we are not talking about and it needs to be understood before we proceed further. The County is currently servicing a bond that was voted on 15 years ago to pay for the Sevier Valley Center. That bond pays out in 2021. When that bond pays out, that tax goes off the books. A way that the County could help us fund this project is for them to go to the residents of the County in a bond election and ask the residents of the County to continue that bond for a different purpose. They cannot make that happen without that election. It truly would not be a raise in taxes, but a continuation of the tax. All we have asked of the County Commission is for them to put this initiative on the ballot and let the citizens of the County vote yea or nay. If the citizens of the County vote nay; then we will not have a pool. So we are not asking the County Commission for a blank check or to even give us any money. We are simply asking them to put this before the citizens of the County and let them decide.
Morgan Shaver asked what would happen if the citizens voted yes? Would there have to be another election on the costs? Mr. Creamer stated that we would not.
Someone asked how much it would cost to put this on the ballot? Councilmember Burrows stated that it would cost about $70,000.
Tanner Thompson stated that the City has come this far and that it would be insanely tragic if the City through up their hands because the Commission said no. There is a week to make it their entire fault and not the City’s fault.
Councilmember Nielson stated that the City has done what it could given the information that we have. The City is not only paying their fair share plus we are about 40% of the County. She commented on how incredible Pat Wilson has been in the amount of work and time that he has donated and the amount of information and facts that he has been able to put together. We are not trying to make this a burden on any entity. We want it to be a positive thing because right now everything has come together in perfect storm where if everyone works together we could make this happen.
Councilmember Burrows stated that the City is in a similar position because the payment we have been making on the golf course will go off, which some of it was a tax used to rebuild the pool in 1983 or 1984. That payment will be put over into the pool.
Councilmember Arrington understood that the question before the Commissioners had a cap of 3.5 million dollars on the bond question, so it was not a blank check. They may have had concerns about a blank check with regard to O & M.
Ryan Tolman stated that he works at the College and he has seen this in their strategic plan for a long time and it seems that the benefit this brings to our community in terms of the growth of our community and not just the City, but our entire County as we expect certain things and people worry about competing with other business; a community rec center builds a center of where people gather and is a great benefit. From the College standpoint, having those amenities and services gives us the ability to bring in students and grow the College, which also helps grow the City.
Morgan Shaver stated that he would like to hear from Malcolm Nash and the further insight from the Commissioners’ point of view. Mr. Nash stated that it would be best for him to wait to hear more comments.
Susan Barnett stated that this is the perfect storm because next year we will not have Senator Ralph Okerlund there to get State money, which means that if we wait until next year that is more money out of our pockets. She also stated that the Commissioners knew about this timing issue and she felt like they are taking away our right to vote for this. They just have to put this on the ballot.
Elise Seely was wondering if there is any way as a group they could get something to the County to make this happen. Mr. Creamer stated that there is not a provision in the State code as far as bond issues to finance things that allows for a referendum.
Tanner Thompson asked if the Commissioners understand how many people in the County are for this. In talking to Tutor, he got the impression that the survey that went out was bias and wasn’t actually representative of what people thought.
Malcolm Nash stated that there was a quick survey done to get the pulse of the community and it came in very high, but it was not scientific by any means. Mayor Ogden stated that this survey came in at 92% in favor.
Councilmember Burrows asked how many people in attendance were from the northern part of the County.
Sarah Straw from the northern part of the County stated that this is really a community thing and that there is no greater return like the return you get from investing in your community. If there is nothing for the kids to do now, she guessed we would just have to come up with the money to build the prisons later because they did not have anything to do when they were kids.
Representative Carl Albrecht commented that we need to look at the history lesson. How many years ago did the stars line up and we got Snow College. How many years ago did the stars line up and we got the Sevier Valley Center. What great assets they have been to the whole area, not just Richfield City. That is what we are talking about with this facility. We have letters of support from Wayne County, Sanpete, Millard, Piute, and Garfield. Once in awhile the stars line up and those stars are lined up right now. Whatever we can do as a County, we need to do that. Let us not come back in a year, 2 years or 5 years from now and say that we should have done it.
Angie Stubbs believed that this is an issue worth putting on the ballot in November. We as a community are worth this.
Tyrone Jensen stated that everyone in attendance should put pressure on the County and the City to get this done. He felt very strongly that if this project goes through, all of the people needed to build and run the facility should come from our area instead of hiring to fill those jobs from outside the area. He was also concerned that the residents in the City or County should not be taxed to death just to make this happen.
Mayor Ogden stated that the City has been putting money away for some time for this project. Our City is run very conservatively.
Les Topham stated that he is a senior and he has no children or grandchildren who would use this facility and he wanted to go on record to show that he is willing to support this in taxation and any other methods that need to be done, just because it is the right thing to do for Richfield, Utah.
Deanna Thompson said that 35 years ago she went to Snow College in Ephraim, where, at the time, there was no housing outside of campus; there was no rec center and they had a good time, but no one ever knew what she was talking about when she told people she was going to go to Snow College. While she was there, they built the activity center and it changed everything. Right after that they started to build condos off campus and everything started to grow and now students there have a great time and love Snow College there. Now we have Snow College here now and when she has mentioned to her kids who are reaching college age that maybe they could stay home and save money. They wonder why in the world they would want to stay here in the most boring place in the world. Something like this would help our College grow and bringing more people into the community helps bring more taxes into the community and would make this campus more desirable for students to come to.
Mayor Ogden asked if there were any questions about the funding scenario for this project. Councilmember Barnet stated that the budget that has been proposed for this facility is 24 million dollars. The Sevier Valley Center cost us 20 million, plus we built it 15 years ago, so it would probably cost 60 million to build it today. The 24 million dollar project would be broken down as follows: Richfield City would contribute 7 million dollars (approximately), the County would contribute 7 million dollars (approximately) and the legislature would contribute 7 million dollars (approximately). The College is donating the land for the facility to sit on for a $1 per year lease. That totals 21 million dollars. Once this funding is in place we would contact some private donors once again to pitch in the last 3 million. We have talked about the County bond election. That will not cover 7 million dollars and the City’s payment on the golf course will not cover 7 million dollars. So the proposal is to take a combined package from the City and the County together to the Permanent Community Impact Board. This is a Board that oversees mineral royalties, or taxes that the coal and oil companies put into a fund and those funds can then be used to fund projects in mineral producing counties. What are proposal to the Community Impact Board would be to apply for a 7 million dollar grant and a 7 million dollar loan at about 1% interest over 10 years or so. Mr. Creamer stated that it would be 10 years for the County and 30 years for the City. The money that the County is using for the Sevier Valley Center will more than cover their 3.5 million dollars of the 7 million dollars. The money that the City is currently using to pay for the golf course will cover our 3.5 million dollars of the 7 million dollars. There will not be a tax increase to pay for this. Then Representative Albrecht and Senator Okerlund have planned to go to the State in this upcoming legislative session to get the 7 million dollars from the State on behalf of Snow College.
There are some big “ifs” in this proposal. If the Commissioners agree to put this on the ballot. If the majority of the County vote in favor of it. If the CIB will grant us our funding proposal on the terms we ask them. Those are three pretty big “if’s” but they are not insurmountable.
A lady asked what they had to do to get this on the ballot.
Kristi Allred asked if it would be possible for Pat Wilson to explain how to get a reversal on the Commission’s decision.
Mr. Wilson stated that in order to get a reversal, the Commissioners would have to call a special meeting and changing the way they voted the other day.
It was noted that this meeting was on the list of things required by the Commissioners and then the question was asked why the Commissioners were allowed to vote on the ballot proposal before the City held the requested hearing.
Councilmember Burrows wanted to clarify a few things because he does not want any misunderstandings out there. Tyrone Jensen talked about using local contractors. Councilmember Burrows stated that the City has to bid a job and the City has to accept the low bid regardless of where it comes from. The local contracts have the chance to bid on it, but the City can only follow the law. Another thing discussed is that it is important that the City voted to implement a ZAP 10 years ago and it passed. This past year it was voted on again, which the City had to do again, and it passed. That is the money that the City is putting aside for this.
Councilmember Nielson stated that someone asked if we have a back-up plan. When the Council knows what funds we are dealing with, at that time we will know what we can do and how we can move forward. So our back-up plan would be to modify it to do the very most and the very best we can. If we cannot complete the project that we initially wanted to do because we are stopped in some way, then the Council will do the best that it can.
Crystal Anderson is one of the high school swim coach. She agreed that this needed to be put to a vote. She has been to many meetings where this has been discussed and in her opinion, everything that Mr. Wilson has put together is sufficient to make a decision.
Kip Hansen stated that a few weeks ago there was a meeting where every stakeholder sat down at a meeting at the County building and discussed this project. There seemed to be some consensus at that point in time.
A lady stated that she has been to Monroe and they have been raising money for a splash pad and she stated that we should do the same.
There was a question about the individuals who are working at the pool right now and if they would lose their jobs or would they have the opportunity to work at the new facility. Councilmember Burrows stated that the City will be running the pool and we will be looking for as many qualified lifeguards that we possibly can and that would be those folks that are ready working for us as a start.
Councilmember Christensen stated that the City could not afford a blank check so we would not be asking the County for one either.
Charlie Stones from Richfield felt that we needed to get the Commissioners to give us another chance to vote.
Mr. Wilson stated that it is a law that the language for the bond has to go to the Lieutenant Governor 75 days prior to the election there is no way to ask for a delay for that.
Malcolm Nash works as staff for the Commissioners. He does a lot of economic development.
He thanked everyone in attendance for being civil. As for the meeting schedule, the meeting happened just because of meeting schedules. He stated that the Commissioners have always support the concept of this project.
Mr. Nash asked if there is a chance that the Commissioners will meet and approve this in time. Mr. Nash stated that he is not going to say never, but that will be up to the Commissioners.
Brad Johnson if we hear tomorrow that the Commissioners are willing to take action, and then what do the citizens needs to do and how will we know their answer so that we can take action.
Mr. Nash will communicate to the Commissioners that the group here tonight was requesting that the Commissioners reconsider their vote. Depending on what they do, he will post it on the County’s facebook page.
The group wanted to know what they could do and it was noted that the survey done was considered bias. Mr. Nash said that there was room for bias in it because it was not scientific in terms of selecting the population; it was just sent out to as many emails as they could.
Councilmember Barnett stated that he had talked to a couple of the Commissioners earlier today and he stated that they are very much on the defense and if they are approached negatively or in mass that is not going to change their position. If we expect them to make any changes, it has to be done with finesse.
Mr. Nash will get on the County’s facebook page and post that Richfield City held a public hearing on the proposed recreation center and everyone’s input is appreciated. That opens the door to respond to that. Someone asked if there could be the same kind of meeting like this with the Commissioners. Mr. Nash noted that there would not be time to set this up.
John Ogden felt that it is important to remain civil. Some questions he has heard have been answered. He felt that the Commissioners must have more concerns that what they are stating. Mr. Nash stated that he would find out.
Dennis Jorgensen stated that if we don’t do everything we can to build this, we will live to regret it. Our children will regret it. At 8:57 p.m., Mayor Ogden declared the public hearing closed.
8. BID AWARDED FOR NEW PARK IMPROVEMENTS. Mr. Creamer stated that we had received the bids for the new park project, The low bidder was A & D Jensen Contractors. Their bid was $300,859. The other bid was submitted by hales and their bid was $310,912.50. Savage Albrecht Engineering reviewed the bids and found A & D Jensen’s bid to be in order. Mr. Creamer stated that on top of this we have some engineering fees, but the CDBG grant for $275,000 will go along way and the City will pay the remainder from the rec tax funds. The project will include curb, gutter, sidewalk, and asphalt shoulders with a parking area on two sides of the block and water and sewer services into the block. Mr. Langston stated that the staff had discussed using transportation funds for the City’s share of this project because of the necessity to use the rec funds for other items. Mayor Ogden recalled that we had discussed putting grass in this fall and wondered if we had an idea of what that would cost. Mr. Creamer stated that we do not have an estimate for that and that it would not be part of this project and this project needs to be completed before that happens. Motion: Award the bid for the new park project to A & D Jensen Contractors with a bid of $300,859 and authorizing the issuance of a notice to proceed when bonds are received, Action: Approved. Moved by: Kathy Christensen, Seconded by Richard Barnett. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea=5). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson.
9. PUBLIC HEARING ON PARADE ORDINANCE. At 9:09 p.m., Mayor Ogden opened a public hearing to receive comments on a proposed change to the parade ordinance. Chief Lloyd explained that there was a discrepancy in our ordinance and therefore language was added to the ordinance so that chairs could not be placed for the Fourth of July parade until 6 p.m. on the 3rd of July. Hearing no comments, Mayor Ogden closed the hearing at 9:11 p.m.
10. PUBLIC HEARING ON ANNEXATION WATER POLICY. At 9:11 p.m., Mayor Ogden opened a public hearing to receive comments on a proposed amendment to the annexation policy of the City’s general plan. The proposed ordinance was reviewed by the City Attorney and the Planning Commission also made some recommendations for wording of the ordinance. The policy change would be that the City would only accept underground water shares for annexation or cash in lieu of on a case by case basis. Hearing no comments, Mayor Ogden closed the hearing at 9:13 p.m.
11. PUBLIC HEARING ON CANNABIS CULTIVATION. At 9:13 p.m., Mayor Ogden opened a public hearing to receive comments on a proposed amendment to the use table of the Zoning ordinance as it relates to the cultivation of cannabis in the downtown zone (D). Geoff Barnes is the owner of a building in the downtown zone and the requester of the zone change. Councilmember Nielson asked Mr. Barnes if he were awarded a license from the State of Utah to grow medical cannabis. Mr. Barnes stated that he was currently number 16 and they are only issuing 10 licenses at this time. However, they did contact Mr. Barnes and informed him that there may be a change to the proposition and if so, he would get a license.
Councilmember Nielson asked what kind of security he would have. Mr. Barnes stated that it would just be the basic level of security similar to hospital security. People would have to have a badge to enter the building. Anyone that is not cleared by the State to be present will have to be with an employee that is cleared. The State will audit this process.
Mr. Barnes stated that as soon as he is awarded a license he will begin business at his Main Street location, but he plans to relocate this business to a building that he plans to build in the City. The name of his business is Red Rock Cultivation. Councilmember Nielson asked if Mr. Barnes had any reservations about having his business on Main Street. He stated that he would rather be on Main Street than on a back street because of policing and security, which makes Main Street a safe location.
Chief Lloyd noted that it is easier to keep an eye on at that location. It was discussed that the recommendation from the Planning Commission was to only allow this use in the downtown zone and that it would be a C2 use which would require Planning Commission and City Council approval.
12. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING WITH FOREST SERVICE. The Council reviewed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Forest Services for the construction, maintenance and future operation of the mountain bike trail. Carson DeMille stated that this is the final document remaining to enter into the agreement. It basically states that if we do any work, we will do the surveys which we have already done for the phases that we are working on now. Mr. Langston asked if we will always have grants to do the bike trails. Mr. DeMille stated that it is easy to get grants for the construction. For the NEPA and the surveys it is more difficult to get grants for that. Jones and DeMille took care of this. The City and the County did have to pay for a cultural survey because Jones and DeMille do not have a qualified person to pay for that. The agreement also stated that if there is a need for restrooms, we would coordinate that with the Forest Service. They had a concern about the CCC road that the mountain biker would take it over, so we agreed to discuss the maintenance but not take over the maintenance of it.
Mr. Langston had some concern about the fencing costing the City a lot of money and as we move forward with the costs of maintenance and signage. He felt it was important that we understand that this potentially could cost us some money.
Councilmember Arrington wondered if the terms of the agreement would lock the City into funding that we are not aware of moving forward. Mr. DeMille stated that this does not have anything to do with funding. It states that if the City decides to build more trails we would be responsible for the funding. This agreement basically allows us to have this on their property.
As for the signage, Mr. DeMille has already bought and paid for the signs and they are already in place. Councilmember Burrows suggested using Craig Harmon to do the cultural surveys and Mr. DeMille stated that he would ask. Mr. Langston pointed out item C in the agreement that stated the City would develop a maintenance plan and he asked who would do that. Mr. DeMille stated that his committee could do that.
Mr. DeMille reported that the trail crew hired for the summer just finished last week and there was about 17 miles in this phase I and they probably finished about 10 miles this year. He stated that they still have a lot of money to spend next year. There was some money that had to be spent this year, but we have 2 years to spend all of the funds. We have enough money that we will be able to hire a crew next year for the whole summer. Mr. DeMille is still waiting to hear on a $45,000 grant that he has applied for.
Motion: Approve the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the Forest Service for the construction, maintenance and future operation of the mountain bike trail, Action: Approved. Moved by: Kevin Arrington, Seconded by Kathy Christensen. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea=5). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson.
13. OTHER BUSINESS. Councilmember Barnett asked about the bike path lights. Mr. Creamer stated that he has multiple conversations and they came here and looked at it and are supposed to be getting us a proposal with specific locations and prices.
Councilmember Barnett reported on the League Board meeting and tax reform was discussed. His input to the Board was that the League should have a position statement that there be a COLA adjustment available for property tax increases without having to go through truth in taxation every year and that the rainy day fund requirements for cities of the fifth class be raised to 25%.
Councilmember Nielson stated that the Miss Richfield royalty has been involved in a lot of activities. She has been surprised at how involved Miss Richfield, Macie Madsen, has been this year. Miss Madsen’s family has been very supportive and they have done an incredible amount of service work already and she has a big project that she is doing this year with the youth home and the kids there.
Trail Days is August 23 and 24. There are a lot of people coming to town to participate in biking, running, golf, and a variety of other events. There will be activities and entertainment on the park for 2 full days.
Councilmember Burrows asked if we had gotten any accountability on the oil that took all of the equipment at the sewer pond out. Mr. Creamer stated that there was a spill that occurred about 10 days ago at the UDOT yard with the tack oil being dumped down into their sump and in turn going into our sewer system. It has caused significant damage. We have a bypass that we are working with now. Our sewer crew has to manually clean screens sometimes multiple times in a day and that is going to go on for the next 90 days or so until we have the replacement parts. We have been in contact with UDOT and they acknowledged that they are the source of the problem. Part of cleaning up included hiring Twin D to come down and clean out the sewer line from UDOT to the sewer plant to try and wash out anything that might be stuck at various places in the line. That will all be part of the bill that UDOT pays as well.
Councilmember Christensen stated that we had a really good summer reading program at the Library. Librarian Michelle Olsen noted that we offered a party at the pool for a prize and she gave out 104 tickets which meant that all of those individuals had read 1,000 minutes or more this summer. She actually had 72 of those show up to the pool last Saturday. She was concerned last year because each year the number of minutes read had been declining so this year she offered some space Legos to the kids as incentives to get them to read. She had 347 participants; 90 of which were adults. They had great participation and had over 530,000 minutes read this summer. Almost triple of what we had last year.
14. MEETING ADJOURNED. At 9:42 p.m., Motion: Adjourn, Action: Approved. Moved by: Kathy Christensen, Seconded by Bryan Burrows. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea=5). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson.
PASSED and APPROVED this 12 day of November, 2019.

Richfield City Corp

75 East Center