At the City Council
In and For Said City
September 25, 2018
Minutes of the Richfield City Council meeting held on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Richfield City office building located at 75 East Center, Richfield, Utah. Mayor David C. Ogden presiding.

1. OPENING REMARKS were offered by Councilmember Barnett.
2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was led by Councilmember Burrows.
3. ROLL CALL. Present: Mayor David Ogden, Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson, and Mike Langston. Excused: Kevin Arrington, Matt Creamer, Michele Jolley.
Others present:
4. APPOINTMENT. Mayor Ogden stated that Janalee Jefferies has agreed to serve on the Library Board. Motion: Appoint Janalee Jefferies to the Library Board, Action: Approved, Moved by Kathy Christensen, Seconded by Bryan Burrows. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Kevin Arrington.
5. MINUTES APPROVED. The Council reviewed the minutes of the meeting held September 11, 2018. Motion: Approve the minutes of the meeting held September 11, 2018, Action: Approved, Moved by Connie Nielson, Seconded by Bryan Burrows. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Kevin Arrington
6. AIRPORT GROUND LEASE WITH THE CIVIL AIR PATROL APPROVED. The Council reviewed an Airport Ground Lease with the Civil Air Patrol as a non-profit organization. The term for the lease was 10 years. Motion: Approve the Airport Ground Lease with the Civil Air Patrol, Action: Approved, Moved by Kathy Christensen, Seconded by Bryan Burrows. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Kevin Arrington
7. SOURCE PROTECTION PLAN DISCUSSED. John Spendlove discussed the source protection plan for the new well. He indicated that this well is located in the Richfield Business Park and it replaces the Industrial Park well that needed to be abandoned because of its location on the Airport. This was done as part of the Airport project. Jones and DeMille Engineering prepared the Source Protection Plan for the new well. It has been reviewed with City staff and it was submitted to the Division of Drinking Water and they have approved it. There are 4 protection zones associated with the well.
Zone 1 is a 100-foot radius around the well. Zone 2 is based on a 250 day travel time based on the conditions of the soil and underground aquifer. These 2 zones are the most restrictive and there cannot be any septic tanks because they are considered uncontrolled pollution sources. They are regulated by the Health Department, but the home owners maintain them and they do not always get maintained as well as they should.
Zone 3 is a 3 year travel time and Zone 4 is a 15 year travel time. Mr. Spendlove suggested that the City send someone to Central Valley and the County planning commissions to explain the property that is included in the source protection plan in the event the property is to be developed.
Councilmember Burrows suggested that they would have already been notified when the City went through the permitting process for the well. Mr. Spendlove stated that there is not really a public notice for the source protection. There was some discussion about sending Central Valley and the County a letter about the Source Protection Plan and ask them if they would like us to come and discuss it with them.
The land owners that have property within that zone must also be notified.
8. BRIDGE AT 500 SOUTH 100 EAST DISCUSSED. Mayor Ogden explained that a decision had been made and it could be very much affected by how the Council felt about it. The bridge near 500 South and 100 East has been deemed unsafe. We either need to put a new deck on the bridge with some additional railing or take the bridge out. Councilmember Barnett asked who had deemed the bridge unsafe. Mayor Ogden stated that he had visited with Keith Mogan and if we put a new deck on the bridge, we still have a very ugly one lane road going around a dark corner. We are in the process of engineering the new 100 East project and this road takes off on a very unusual spot on the turn, so what we have happening is people in vehicles are cutting that corner in an unsafe manner. We cannot engineer the road to accept an unsafe corner.
Councilmember Christensen asked what would happen if we just eliminated that bridge. Mayor Ogden indicated that has been discussed. When we engineer the turn on 100 East, to keep that road open, we would need to put a new bridge that is squared up with the road and we will have to purchase some property to do that. Then we will have to put in a new bridge which would cost approximately $70,000 to $80,000. Councilmember Burrows thought we would be into the project over $200,000 with the purchase of property. Councilmember Nielson asked if we could just remove the bridge and the Mayor indicated that we could.
Councilmember Burrows reported that the County would like us to take that road. Mayor Ogden stated that the bridge is ours and we could do something with the County or we could just abandon the bridge. Councilmember Christensen felt we could just get rid of the bridge. Mayor Ogden noted that we have temporarily closed the bridge because it needs new decking. Councilmember Barnett wondered when and if 100 East gets developed are we going to have to have the bridge.
We do not have the funds right now to install a new bridge. Mayor Ogden talked with the City Attorney who indicated that we could legally close it, but stating that the decision could always be challenged based on how it affects property. He also talked with some of the property owners, one in favor and one against. Mr. Mogan stated that we have currently put up barricades to close the bridge. Councilmember Barnett felt that the bridge is used enough that there needs to be some type of permanent barrier right at the bridge where it ends so that we do not have people there are 2 o’clock in the morning thinking the bridge is still there and they end up in the ditch.
9. APPLICATION TO THE COMMUNITY IMPACT BOARD FOR STREET IMPROVEMENT PROJECT APPROVED. Kary Monroe was present to discuss the application to CIB for a loan and grant totaling $4,050,000. He gave the Council a map showing what streets would be included. Mayor Ogden asked if all the roads shown on the east side would be done with a chip seal. Mr. Monroe indicated that they would like to try the new material. It has been used on I-70 between here and Salina. They have put a micro seal onto of the asphalt overlay. Mr. Monroe explained that it is similar to a slurry seal, but it has a cement powder mixed into it. It lasts longer than a chip seal and it does not have the cleanup of the loose rocks.
He talked to an engineer from Provo City who told him that they will not do a chip seal anymore because it too much cleanup with the loose rocks and then you have to go back in a year and sweep again and clean it up. It took a few years to perfect the process of the micro seal, but the last couple of years it has really started to work well. UDOT has also started to use it a lot and has had great success with it.
One of the streets included in the project is the Flying J road. This will be reconstructed including a rotomill of the asphalt. The rotomill will be put on the road at Centennial Park.
We have not been able to do a lot to take care of our roads, so it was decided that we would hold off for a year and go to the CIB for funding so that we could do a larger project. Councilmember Barnett asked if this is the project that we have discussed using the class C road funds for 3 or 4 years to pay for it. Mr. Langston stated that we want to do it over 10 years to make it more feasible.
Councilmember Christensen wondered about water or sewer lines that need to be replaced so that we do not have to tear up the roads after they have been fixed. Mr. Monroe stated that there is one road that has a water line that needs to be replaced before we fix the road. Councilmember Barnett stated that we cannot put off taking care of our roads just because we are afraid that we might have to tear them up to work on the water or sewer. The roads have to be maintained and if we have to tear then up, we will have to tear them up.
Councilmember Barnett asked with the proposal to CIB is. Mr. Monroe stated that we are asking for a loan amount of $1,620,000 and a grant amount of $2,430,000. We talked about putting some cash in so we would have some skin in the game. Mr. Langston stated that he understood we were going with the application as is and if we get there and they want us to put some skin in the game, then we have $200,000 that can be used for that.
Mr. Monroe stated that we have no idea what other applications are going to be there and if there are not very many and they have plenty of money, then we will be just fine. Mayor Ogden asked when this project would go before the CIB. Mr. Monroe was not sure. It could be in November, December or January and then the funding meeting will be in February.
Mr. Mogan stated that in his training they stress that good roads cost less. Even though it may be a new road, it needs that surface treated. Something that we should do in the future is that when the developers put in a road, we should require that they come back in one year and treat the road.
Mr. Monroe stated that the lifespan of a new road is approximately 20 years, but usually we get 30 to 40 years out of them. With the lifespan, once you get to 20 years and you have not done any treatment, the lifespan drops way off. If you do a chip seal before that, you can keep it going a little farther. If you do a treatment with the road is new, then it really increases the lifespan.
Mr. Monroe stated that the application will be ready to submit by the end of the week. The Council has to hold a public hearing and that is scheduled for October 9 to get any input from the citizens and then those minutes of that meeting will be submitted with the application.
Motion: Approve the application to the Community Impact Board for a $1,620,000 grant and a $2,430,000 loan, Action: Approved, Moved by Richard Barnett, Seconded by Connie Nielson. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Kevin Arrington
10. OTHER BUSINESS. Councilmember Barnett reported on the League of Cities and Towns meeting. There were 4 resolutions that were considered as a League of Cities and Towns. There was a resolution to change some of the wording in the Utah State Constitution about how water is dealt with. Another was about raising the gasoline tax by $.10 per gallon that a lot of will be re-appropriated for schools. The one that got the most discussion and took the most time was the discussion was the resolution on medical marijuana. This was the hot topic in the State. These resolutions, all of which passed, are on the League’s website and you can read what the League’s position is on these issues.
Councilmember Barnett attended a meeting about some grants and funding that is becoming available for bike trails and bike paths. The League is representing cities and towns very well in front of the Legislature and the new Director is a go getter.
Councilmember Nielson reported on a change with Miss Richfield. The 1st Attendant decided to get married. In talking with the girls, they felt like we should add another girl. Tressa Bastian will move from 2nd Attendant to 1st Attendant and the new 2nd Attendant will be Aspen Laney.
Councilmember Nielson stated that she was not at the last Council meeting, but she wanted to make a statement about the swimming pool. She is happy to have people searching for money for a new pool, but she hopes that if the money comes from the Legislature that there are ties to it because she feels that there was not a lot of input in that facility. She felt that there are savings we could make to 6 million dollars by cutting out what we do not need. She also believed that it would be in the best interest of the citizens when we do that facility to do it well and to do it for the citizens and not for Snow College or any other entity. She is hoping that if there are funds that are coming in, that it is not contingent on the plans that are being discussed because the plans have never be approved or accepted by the City Council. She does not want to see are residents pay double what County residents should be paying.
Councilmember Burrows stated that there was supposed to be a letter sent on the Cove View Subdivision about the road sinking. The agreement, as Councilmember Burrows understood, is that the developer would fix it. Mr. Mogan stated that it was fixed, but it sank again. Mr. Mogan was told that it had been too long to be taken care of as part of the guaranty that was given at the time of development. Councilmember Burrows was told that a letter was sent. He was concerned because this was something he was aware of, so he kind of gets it in the back of his mind and wondered how many other things like this happen that the Council does not know of. He does not get why it is easier to throw money at it. Mr. Mogan stated that the reason we went and fixed it was because the developer did have his contractor sub-xed it and put asphalt back. The contractor said that it was out of the warranty period, so when it settled again, we just fixed it.
Mayor Ogden stated that he is not afraid to talk about anything regarding the pool in public. He agrees that we should not pay twice as much as the County. We are in the County and sometimes they do not recognize that and sometimes we forget that we are in the County and we should not expect County participation in the things we are doing. The County has had some ideas about revitalizing Main Street. Initially, he was a little offended that the County did not talk to us first, but he could see where they are coming from. They just wanted to let us know that they are willing to help on any project that we want to do or any direction we want to go to revitalize Main Street.
As for the pool, there are a lot of moving parts and Mayor Ogden is fully aware that whatever we decide to do has to be agreed upon by this body. He is not going to go make kind of deals that would not come before the Council for a vote. If we cannot get the money to do a certain size or kind of pool, then at some point the Council would just need to say what we can afford and what would best serve our citizens. Mayor Ogden would rather go for something that we do not look back and say we could have or should have done something different and we did not.
Councilmember Nielson stated that 20 years ago this happened in Cedar and SUU now has their pool. She thinks we need to do whatever we need to do, but Richfield City needs to protect itself. Whoever wants to go in on the pool; if we have 4, 5, or 6 partners that would be fabulous. So long as Richfield is not paying 8 million dollars so the County only pays 4 million dollars. If someone does not have money in the game and is not willing to pay for, then that needs to be taken care of too. Mayor Ogden said that he was willing to tell the Council about any aspect of a 2 ½ hour meeting that he had on Monday at the Springville facility with Brent Tippets, Pat Wilson, and Kay McIff. They wrangled about what they have they we do not need or what we could do without. How the school district could be involved? Will they be involved? How much does the water cost?
Councilmember Barnett stated that since Mayor Odgen had decided to take this project on without the advice and consent of the Council and since he has not asked the Council for any help and since they have each been called into Kay McIff’s office for a stern talking to; Councilmember Barnett has some serious, serious concerns about this pool. In the first place, we have no business building a 24 million dollars facility. He does not care who is participating.
Tooele County built a 17 million dollar facility about 10 years ago, and Tooele City probably has more residents than Sevier County and they have put a pad lock on the front gate because they could not pay for the operation and maintenance. Mayor Ogden is looking at a facility in Springville where there is a population of 33,000 that is right next door to Spanish Fork with 35,000 people and Payson is just up the road with 29,000 people, Woodland Hills has 1,500; Mapleton has 8,000 and Santaquin has10,000 that are all going to use that pool. We do not have the population or the usage for a 24 million dollar facility. We have businesses in town that we need to be concerned about in terms of taking money out of their pockets and food out of their mouths.
Councilmember Barnett is concerned as Councilmember Nielson is as to who is going to have ownership of this thing. If we are talking about an outdoor pool, and indoor pool and a lap pool and a gym; he is concerned about a lap pool for races that would be a fourth of that project that is proposed at 6 million dollars that we are building strictly for the school district that they are not willing to put any money into.
Councilmember Nielson wondered why we would be paying for rooms for the Head Start program as part of the facility. She said that the Council had originally talked about party rooms so we could rent them out for organizations, clubs, or community. That is not on it, but what we do have is growth space for Snow College and we do have rooms for Head Start. Those things Richfield residents should not be paying for.
Councilmember Barnett knows we need a new pool. We all do. He is frustrated with the process. He is frustrated with the fact that 4 years ago, Mayor Ogden brought forth a project that was going to cost 14 million dollars and we looked at it and looked at it and paired it down to around 4 million dollars because we might be able to take care of it. Then we tabled the whole thing and now all of a sudden it is 24 million dollars. He understood that the County did not want anything to do with this before and the school district did not want anything to do with this and we were talking about trying to fund this all on our own.
He is not sure where Mr. McIff is going to find 6 million dollars of private donations. Besides the fact that we have a bike path that needs maintenance. We have a new park going in on the north end of town. We have a skate park that needs to be re-looked at.
Mayor Ogden told the Council to decide what they want to do with the pool. Then Mayor Ogden will sit back and pick holes in it. He is ready to share a vision of something and ask what the Council thinks about this. Councilmember Barnett said that Mayor Ogden has not done that. He has put together plans and given it to the Council and said this is what we are going to do. Mr. McIff is going around town showing everyone the plans. Councilmember Barnett was at dinner the other night and someone told him that they heard Richfield was building a new pool on the college campus and going to put 20 million dollars into it.
Mayor Ogden told the Council to tell him how they want to proceed. If the Council wanted to talk to Brent Tippetts or whatever side you want. Councilmember Nielson stated that we have had 3 plans from Mr. Tippetts and now we have another one. She thought we had decided that the next time we went for one we would go with a different architect. All of a sudden there is a new plan, as for as the Council knows, and it has everything in it that the Council did not want.
Mayor Ogden stated that we need to sit down with the plans and say what we do not want. He thought first we needed to see if we have people who are willing to support the concept. Other people like the County, the Legislature, He received a call from Ralph Okerlund this morning and the Legislature is going to have some one-time money and it is a great time to ask for it, but he does not know what to do about it.
The other thing that Councilmember Barnett is really concerned about is that this is one-time money and if we get one-time money and we build this thing: it is costing us around $350,000 to $400,000 a year right now to run the pool we have. We are talking at least a million dollars for O & M. That is a sixth of our annual budget. If Mayor Ogden can find the money, that is great. Mayor Ogden asked if the Council is willing to pay what we are paying now for a bigger, nicer pool. Councilmember Nielson said of course we are. Councilmember Barnett said that it depends on the string that come attached. Councilmember Nielson does not want it turned over in 15 or 20 years to Snow College. The other thing is that in order to have O & M, we are going to ask for a tax increase for the County. In the meantime, the way it is proportioned; 6 million dollars for Richfield and 6 million dollars for the County. However, we have to take note that one-third of the County funds come from Richfield City; so that means the City would be paying 8 million dollars and the County is paying 4 million dollars. County residents would not pay any more than are residents are.
We have a third of our residents in the community that are at low income levels and yet we are taxing. Mayor Ogden suggested coming up with a new plan and he would back out of this. Councilmember Nielson felt that as long as there are no strings attached. Mayor Ogden stated that we will just write off everything he has done as experience. He has learned a lot. Let us just go forward with a smaller plan, but the Council needs to come up with it and the Council can start selling it. Councilmember Nielson expressed her opinion that the Council has felt like this was done behind their backs and behind closed doors. They were called into Mr. McIff’s office and were told what the plan was. She does not recall that the Council has ever talked about a final plan. She thought that the Council is interested in seeing what partners are interested in partnering up with the City. The Council just does not want to have that money that comes from the State contingent on the plan that has been drawn up. Not all of the Council, but some thought that it is just too much money. What kind of strings are attached without the Council even know what is going on.
Mayor Ogden could not guaranty that what is going to come out of this is would not cost money. If we have partners that say they will step up and then they do not then we would have to decide what elements to do away with. We could do that, but we have to start somewhere. He does not want to see us get 5 or 6 years down the road and say it could have been. We could have done this. We could have pulled these partners together. We could have made it work, but instead we settled for something smaller, much less of a draw and we are still going to have principals in Circleville that will say let’s go to Cedar City. Our kids do not want to go to Richfield because they do not have anything.
Councilmember Nielson stated that putting in a basketball court has nothing to do with a swimming pool. A basketball court and an additional basketball court has nothing to do with a swimming pool and our funds that we have been putting away and saving are for a swimming pool.
Mayor Ogden explained that the basketball courts would and could be used as community spaces and class space and if they are used by Snow College in any way, they are obligated to pay O & M for those spaces. It is just one way to get them on board with funding that they now would not do. Councilmember Nielson stated that we do not need basketball courts because there are courts in the schools that we use, so we could save 6 million dollars. Mayor Ogden reminded the Council that those courts are not ours and that the Council should remember that we use ball fields that belong to Snow College so we use their fields to run our programs. Councilmember Burrows clarified the fact that we use their land, but we maintain the fields.
Councilmember Nielson pointed out that if we are going to do a facility we need to do some fields because Snow College will use those fields within 5 years or so to build on. She noted that the City has land and we do not have to build at Snow College. Mayor Ogden agreed, but if we are going to build something more than we can built we cannot built it ourselves. Councilmember Nielson was told by Mr. McIff that we have forty communities that could possibly benefit from a big swimming facility. So if the State Legislature is looking at helping Central Utah and there are 40 communities that could be benefited; it seems to her that they would as willing to donate money for that as they would to donate it to Snow College. If they donate that to Snow College, we have no guaranty that the 6 million dollars is coming to our pool.
Mayor Ogden felt that with 41 communities this would be important to CIB and to a donor. It is not going to matter so much to the Legislature because each of those communities have representatives and senators that are going to be trying to get things for those communities. He indicated that the 41 communities would donate by coming here, spending money, using the facility and spending money in the facility. Mayor Ogden believed that we could build something with the help of the Legislature, private donors, Snow College helping with the O & M, and the County. If any of these people say that they are not going to do it, then you immediately take the 24 million dollar pool and there would be 6 million dollars that would not be built. We just start cutting it back and we end up with what we can afford and it might be exactly what we are talking about and it might be on the Lion’s Park. He hates to start small. Let us start with building something with vision and future.
Councilmember Nielson wanted to have the best facility for our community because in all likelihood it will have to last for another 50 years. Mayor Ogden stated that we are not going to get the help from the Legislature and private donors to build something in Richfield City for Richfield City. We may get a little. There are private donors who will donate to something if it is associated with a college, any college; but if it is in the City they are just not going to be as interested. Councilmember Nielson just does not think we should be building classrooms for Snow College and she does not think the citizens should pay for that.
The donation from the Legislature would come because it is on Snow College property as well as Richfield City. The funding sources are not going to be there if we go it alone. Councilmember Nielson remembered that we have already been turned down by the school district and the County.
Councilmember Burrows was told by Mr. McIff that the new commissioner and another commissioner that was willing to talk and he felt like maybe they would want to be on board. In talking with one of the commissioners, he got the impression that they were not all in favor of it because there are a lot of unanswered questions in their mind too. Councilmember Burrows agreed that if the Legislature and CIB were to be involved there is going to have to be more than just Richfield City. He understood this. The part that concerns him, even thought he appreciates what Mr. McIff is doing, is that he should not be running around with that plan in the public and now all of a sudden the public is going to say this is what we are going to do and the Council will be the bad guys when it does not work.
Councilmember Nielson is concerned about the cost. In order to operate and maintain and facility like this we are going to have to raise taxes. We need to look at the next 50 years, not just 1 year or 5 years, because there is no guaranty from anybody unless we have this as a tax. Mayor Ogden stated that Brent Tippetts has prepared what he thought would be a good operating budget. He asked if the Council would be willing to look at this. Councilmember Burrows asked if it was based on 70% revenue. Mayor Ogden stated that it was 50%/50%, which is being very conservative. Councilmember Burrows noted that would $500,000 for O & M. Mayor Ogden pointed out that is based on the space, but if we par back. Councilmember Nielson would like to keep every pool that we have and then if we have to charge rent to Richfield, South Sevier swim teams then great. She just does not see us asking Richfield and Sevier County residents to build a gym and classrooms for Snow College. Mayor Ogden suggested that we would use the gyms to run our programs.
Councilmember Barnett expressed his opinion that he does not believe that we have any business building a 24 million dollar recreation facility in this community right now. He does not care who the partners are and how much they are willing to spend. He cannot in good conscience vote in favor of a facility of that size. It is too much.
Councilmember Nielson felt that this was a discussion the Council should have had before plans were drawn up and Mr. McIff was running around showing people. So now that plan is out there in the public’s mind.
It seemed to Councilmember Christensen that when we were discussing this quite a few months ago that it was decided that we were going to let Mr. McIff see what he could help us. She does not think Mayor Ogden is totally wrong. Councilmember Barnett recalled that discussion as well, but for him 24 million dollars is off the table. He appreciated the fact that Mr. McIff is willing to go out and hustle up money and figure out some things, but he cannot buy into a 24 million dollar project. Mayor Ogden asked about 6 million for the City and if we are paying the same amount of O & M that we now are. Is this something we could vote for? Councilmember Barnett said it would depend on what the source of the money is. What it would buy? If we could go to the CIB and they would fund us half grant and half low interest low. At that point then it is only a 3 million dollar project. If it is going to be 6 million dollars and we are going to have to raise taxes to do it, then it would depend on where our constituents are on things. He may consider 10 million dollars.
Mayor Ogden wondered if the Council would rather not have him go to funding sources and ask for anything. Councilmember Nielson thought that it was great to go for sources, but her concern is that because Mayor Ogden has a plan drawn out that the Council would be tied to that plan. Are there strings to this plan that means the Council has no say in changing it and doing what is best for Richfield and not Snow College? Mayor Ogden would like to get to a point that he could say that this is what our funding sources will support. Then the Council would need to determine if the City is willing to support it if it costs this much. Until we get to that point he does not know what to do. If the Council wanted to come up with an amount and say that is what we can afford to pay, then we could start that way. This would be very restrictive.
Mayor Ogden honestly felt that five years down the road the Council will feel that it could have been built so much better and helped us economically. He does not know how to go about it. He did not want to pester the Council until he has some of the big things figured out.
Councilmember Barnett recounted how he was asked to come to Mr. McIff’s office and it took over an hour to go over a 15 page presentation packet complete with a committee that is going to run this thing, how much money we need from each of the entities and a mock up plan of what the thing is. It was a 15-page finalized plan as to what was going to happen. It would have been nice if Mayor Ogden would have let the Council know that he had been talking to Mr. McIff. Mr. McIff told Councilmember Barnett not to talk to any other councilmembers until he talked to them first because he did not want Councilmember Barnett to tell them any of the details.
Mayor Ogden suggested that we just start over at ground zero. He apologized for not having the Council involved in every facet of this. We could start smaller, but Mayor Odgen told the Council that they should do it because he was not going to. He has spent enough of his own time and money.
Councilmember Nielson wished that the Council had discussed this to figure out about how much total could go into it and we have never said 24 million. We were worried about 14 million. It is great to have these guys who have connections go for money. It is great to ask for partners and to ask for anybody to donate, but before the plan that was presented to each Councilmember comes to fruition, the Council wants to make sure there are no strings attached to it. If these donations are coming in for that particular plan which has never been voted on, that is a concern. We have to be realistic with where we live, how many people live in our community and we want the greatest, the best that we can do. We want to be able to provide the citizens with the best possible facility, but we need to use common sense.
Mayor Ogden suggested that Councilmember Nielson start with construction ideas and plans with anybody you want to go to. He is anxious to see her plan. Councilmember Nielson felt that Mayor Ogden completely missed the point. Mayor Ogden asked if she expected him to start over on some kind of a 6 million dollar plan for the Lion’s Park. He is not going to do that. He thought that Councilmember Nielson could do that. He has a great idea and he is willing to go out and promote it and he knows there will be a point when he will have to come to the Council and find out if they are on board or not. If you are not, then we cannot do it. He knew that point was coming. He was not going to go ahead and commit the City to millions of dollars. You have to start somewhere with some ideas.
We have to start somewhere and he would like to start with something that we could get help with and we are not going to keep help if we are just doing something on the park.
Councilmember Christensen was impressed when she sat down with Mr. McIff and went through all the information. She thought it sounded doable and it has never been doable before. If he could bring all of these people in and get all of this money and get help with the O & M, she thought would be a doable thing. We could end up with a facility that we are not totally responsible for and she was impressed by the work that had been done.
Councilmember Barnett repeated again that he does not think 24 million dollars is doable. When he walked about of Mr. McIff’s office he had the exact same thought. Even if Mr. McIff can put 24 million dollars together for a facility and another million dollars a year for O & M for 50 years, Councilmember Barnett is just not sure that is where we need to spend that kind of money. If Mr. McIff is going to take what he has put together to Representative Okerlund and say that this is the project that we are going to build and we need the Legislature to provide us 6 million dollars for this project. Then the Legislature gives us the 6 million dollars. If the Legislature is going to appropriate money for a project, Councilmember Barnett does not think he is going out on a limb to say that they are going to want the money spent on the project that they appropriated it for. Not meaning they are going to want it spent on a swimming pool rather than an airport. They are going to want it spent on the swimming pool or project that was presented to them.
Councilmember Nielson does not see how we could do O & M without raising taxes. Councilmember Christensen could not see that we would have to raise taxes if every entity suggested would participate. Councilmember Nielson could not see that the City would get a guaranty from the County or the school district because they cannot commit to this. She would be very surprised if the County comes up with anything. In order to maintain this type of a facility, we would have to have some kind of funding source that would be feeding this for the next 50 years and the only way to ensure that this is fed is if there is some kind of tax.
Councilmember Burrows is concerned about the O & M. He is fine with Mr. McIff going out there and Pat Wilson is also a good source. He felt bad because he thought there were feelings here that are not necessary. He noted that the Council needs to be more abreast of what is going on rather than having someone running around publicly with a plan. He is concerned about this being set in stone or that people might think that.
If the four entities could be brought together for whatever amount of money and they could make it work, that would be fantastic and he does not think there is anything wrong with pursuing it. He just knows what he has heard, but maybe that is a situation where we need to get all of the players in the room where we can look one another eye to eye and get a commitment.
Councilmember Barnett stated that we looked at this a couple of years ago and the County had no appetite to do this.
Councilmember Burrows told the Council that if we cannot get together here, then there is no reason to go to the other entities because it is not going to happen on this end. He does not see that it is a problem to move forward. He does not want us to have hard feelings because we are not going to get anywhere if we do. Somehow we need to get a consensus on moving forward. He does not want to spend hours and hours again discussing this because we are so far from deciding what the particulars will be. Councilmember Barnett wondered if maybe Mr. McIff is looking at a 24 million dollar project, hoping he could put 12 million dollars together, but that is not how it was present.
Councilmember Barnett suggested that if we are going to go to the Legislature, he would like to see the pool, a bike route, the new park, and we need to redo the skate park. We should go for a recreation bond and do it all. That is unrealistic too.
Councilmember Burrows expressed again that he was grateful for all that had been done. Councilmember Christensen felt that if the Mayor was not doing this right now there would not be anything being done. Councilmember Barnett stated that a little more information on the front end and a little more heads up and a little more in the loop before we get so far down the road would have prevented this.
Councilmember Barnett asked Mayor Ogden to keep the Council updated and in the loop. Councilmember Christensen noted that Mayor Ogden could have told the Council that he had been up to the Springville to look at their pool and that he really liked it and thought it would be a good one for us to look at.
Kary Monroe commented that maybe once a month this could be put on the agenda so that it is brought here to Council or if it is stuff involving litigation or property acquisition have an executive session. Rather than letting Mr. McIff go around and talk to the Council, have him come to Council so that everyone is hearing the same thing. Mr. Monroe thought that this would bring it together and keep the group focused because the Council will have to work together.
11. MEETING ADJOURNED. At 9:37 p.m., Motion: Adjourn, Action: Approved, Moved by Kathy Christensen, Seconded by Bryan Burrows. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Bryan Burrows, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Kevin Arrington
PASSED and APPROVED this 9 day of October, 2018.

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