207 East Center – Jack and Mary Ann Brindley Walters




NOTE:  The following was written for a community Christmas Home Show – December 2016.


This home was built in 1910 by Frank and Loette Anderson They raised their family of 7 children here and some grandchildren.  Betty Hansen, their granddaughter, was born in this house and for many years has lived just 2 houses north of the family home.  The Andersons lived here until Frank died in the house he built at age 71.  Loetta continued living in the home after Frank’s death but eventually moved to Orem and died there at the age of 85.


After Loetta’s death the Anderson family sold the house to the Lawrence Davis family.  After a few years of living there, they moved to Cedar City.


In 1971, Jack and Mary Ann Walters bought the home from the Davis family for the price of $9,895 and moved in with the 3 little girls, Jackie, Cindy and Jill.  The girls grew up, married, and moved out.  Jack died there in 2009, and Mary Ann still lives there (2016) with 3 grandchildren and a great grandson.  Over the past 104 years much living has taken place in this house.  At one time, five generations of the Walters’ family lived here at the same time.



The original part of the house is much the same with the high ceilings downstairs and low ceilings upstairs.  Wiring and plumbing have been updated, walls stripped of many layers of paper and paint, repainted and old flooring removed and replaced.  The original kitchen has been completely remodeled.  The stained glass windows are originals as you can see in the photos.


Two porches have been closed in for closet space and for an office with an outside door.  Than as the Walters family grew with in-laws and grandchildren, it was decided to add on, rather than move to a larger home.  The family decided there was too much living and too many memories in the house to move.


The north part of the house was built in the 1990s by LaVell and Craig Gleave. Because LaVell was older and most of his building skills matched his age, the addition matches well with the older section.


The foundation is cement made to look like large bricks.  The cement is poured on huge rocks.  The rest of the house is made of bricks and painted sometime during the years before the Walters moved in.

The big tree in the front yard is probably close to the same age as the house in one of the early pictures of the house, you can see the tree. 


There is still much living that will take place here in this house.  Old homes are a never-ending project of upkeep, but each thing that is done to keep the house and yard looking nice makes it dearer to the Walter family.  People visiting and living here have commented about the “good feeling” in this house and that it has “character.”






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