Please find Richfield City’s 2017 Water Quality Report for your review.  

 A copy of this report will also be enclosed in your March 2018 water bill.  As shown in the report, Richfield City meets or exceeds all Federal EPA standards with regards to water quality. 

You can download a copy of the Water Report Here

Richfield City has passed the 2017 2018 Budget

Richfield City Council has approved the 2017 - 2018 Budget.  

You can download a copy of the Budget here

Richfield City has available the Fiscal Year end information

Richfield City Fiscal Year end financial statements are now available.  

You can download a copy of the Financial Statement here

Mayors Corner

  • Mayor's Corner 05/03/2018

    Dear Friends: Maybe it’s just my age, but I can’t believe how quickly time passes.  We’re already well into spring.  If you’re like me, you may now be regretting that you fertilized and watered your lawn so well, as it now needs mowing every four or five days! Speaking of time passing quickly, my fifty-year high school reunion is coming up.  I’m working on not waddling when I walk, but it’s either that or shuffling.  When you shuffle, unfortunately, you can pick up speed and fall right on your...

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  • Mayor's Corner 04/19/2018

    Dear Friends: It’s springtime in Richfield.  That means we can count on 70+ degree weather one day and snow flurries the next!  It also means that it’s the perfect time Richfield’s annual citywide cleanup, scheduled for April 23rd through May 7th. If you’ve driven around our community lately, you may have noticed some properties that could use a little tender loving care.  Maybe it’s even one of your neighbors.  Whenever I’m tempted to judge someone else’s yard maintenance, I remind myself to take a look...

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  • Mayor's Corner 04/12/2018

    Dear Friends: A few days ago, I was watching my grandson play baseball in the developmental league on the fields at Pahvant Elementary School.  There’s no better way for a granddad to relive the joys of childhood than watching your own play a game that you love! I was in the third grade when the Pahvant School opened back in prehistoric times. I have a lot of history there.  Watching the game, I remembered how bad the grass looked a couple years ago.  Even worse was the condition of the...

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