July 4th Activities

Find more information about the upcoming July 4th activites.  Independence Now and Forever. 

Please find Richfield City’s 2017 Water Quality Report for your review.  

 A copy of this report will also be enclosed in your March 2018 water bill.  As shown in the report, Richfield City meets or exceeds all Federal EPA standards with regards to water quality. 

You can download a copy of the Water Report Here

Richfield City has passed the 2017 2018 Budget

Richfield City Council has approved the 2017 - 2018 Budget.  

You can download a copy of the Budget here

Richfield City has available the Fiscal Year end information

Richfield City Fiscal Year end financial statements are now available.  

You can download a copy of the Financial Statement here

Mayors Corner

  • Mayor's Corner 09/06/2018

    Dear Friends: I had all kinds of things to write about this week; the very successful Trail Days celebration, a new effort to clean up neighborhoods and to make our city more beautiful; a plan to rid the community’s light and power poles of florescent yard sale posters, and many more ideas floating around in my mind. Then, we had a tragedy that puts everything into perspective.  The national epidemic of teen suicide hit home in our own community.  I feel it’s my duty to try to help in some way. I...

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  • Mayor's Corner 08/30/2018

    Dear Friends: Do you realize how many visitors we have passing through our valley every day? My experience this summer with our new visitor center has been enlightening. We have people from all over the world stopping to see us. And it’s not just at the visitor center. They’re staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants, and shopping in our stores! Last week, some folks from a little island in the Bering Strait in Alaska stopped by. Now that’s remote.  Meeting people from all over the...

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  • Mayor's Corner 08/23/2018

    Dear Friends: Our inaugural Trail Days is here! Our great new festival is this Friday and Saturday, with headquarters at the city park and events taking place throughout the valley and beyond. Dozens, if not hundreds, of volunteers have planned and worked very hard to bring this dream to fruition.  We know it’s going to be great, and we expect it to grow and improve each year going forward.  One of my assignments has been making arrangements to get some very talented Native American Dancers to...

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