July 4th Activities

Find more information about the upcoming July 4th activites.  Independence Now and Forever. 

Please find Richfield City’s 2017 Water Quality Report for your review.  

 A copy of this report will also be enclosed in your March 2018 water bill.  As shown in the report, Richfield City meets or exceeds all Federal EPA standards with regards to water quality. 

You can download a copy of the Water Report Here

Richfield City has passed the 2017 2018 Budget

Richfield City Council has approved the 2017 - 2018 Budget.  

You can download a copy of the Budget here

Richfield City has available the Fiscal Year end information

Richfield City Fiscal Year end financial statements are now available.  

You can download a copy of the Financial Statement here

Mayors Corner

  • Mayor's Corner 06/14/18

    Dear Friends: Last week was the anniversary of D-Day. I remember talking with Bryant Washburn, who participated in dislodging the strangle-hold Hitler had on Europe in 1944. We had thousands of young men give their full measure of devotion to freedom and flag in Europe and around the globe. Bryant always told me, “There was never a doubt in our minds that we were going to win. WE WERE COMMITTED!” On September 21st at Richfield High School, we will honor those who stood up for freedom and have...

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  • Mayor's Corner 06/07/18

    Dear Friends: With the first week of June almost in the books, I have a warning for you: It will be July in about 10 minutes! Okay, maybe it just seems like that to me. We have been scrambling to get our new Richfield Visitor Center ready to open. For those of you who may not know, the center is located on North Main Street at Centennial Park, directly below the giant American flag. Dozens of volunteers have helped, inside and out. I hope to be able to thank each and every one at a later date....

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  • Mayor's Corner 05/31/2018

    Friends, citizens, countrymen; lend me your thoughts for a moment. We have so very much to be thankful for, but let us not forget there are those among us who are alone and afraid. There are many who are sick and afflicted whose burdens we could lighten if we only knew. To make a load lighter, one doesn’t necessarily have to remove it entirely. Sometimes it just involves sharing it a little bit. We can listen, have patience, empathize and strategize. We can remember when we have needed advice...

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