Richfield City is preparing for another great 4th of July event

Richfield City has a premier 4th of July event every year.   Click here to see the schedule of events.  If you would like to have a float in the parade or if you would like to have a booth on the park you need to fill out the forms that can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Richfield City has prepared the 2017 2018 Budget for review

It is the responsibility of the Mayor and his budget officer to provide a budget to the City Council on or before the first regularly scheduled Council meeting in May. The City Council then makes any changes and adjustments. The tentative budget is then given to the public for comments, and adjustments may be made as a result of public input before final passage. We have scheduled June 20th for passage of the final budget. A public hearing on the budget is scheduled for June 13th at 7:10p.m.

You can download a copy of the Budget here

Richfield City is in the process of preparing to build a new Aquatic Center.

Richfield City is in the process of preparing to build a new Aquatic Center. This will be a real asset to the City and to the area. Pictured below is one possible “preliminary” design of the Aquatic Center. The facility will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $9,000,000. We are looking for help in funding the Aquatic Center, and donations will be welcome from individuals, businesses, groups of friends, school classes, and any others. All donations are tax deductible and those funds will be set aside and invested to help build the facility. Please feel free to donate by clicking on the pool picture below. It will take you to a site where you can enter your financial information for donation by credit card. Also, you can mail your donations to Richfield City Corporation, 75 East Center Street, Richfield, Utah 84701. Thank you for your interest and help!!
Please take our short survey here.

Mayors Corner

  • Mayor's Corner 06/21/2017

    Dear Friends: This will be my first musing without the great benefit of the Richfield Reaper.  As you may know, I’m running for reelection, and my weekly column in the newspaper is on hold during the election process. I’m anxious to see how many are interested enough to come to our website or Facebook specifically to check in on the Mayor, or who may be here for other reasons and decide to spend a minute reading my thoughts. I mentioned recently that I tested Richfield’s new chicken ordnance.  I was...

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  • Mayor's Corner 06/15/2017

    Dear Friends: For nearly three and a half years, The Richfield Reaper has afforded me the privilege of visiting with you each week as Mayor of Richfield.  We’ve talked about everything from neighborhood cleanups to economic development to chickens!  We’ve even mentioned She Who Shall Not Be Named a time or two.  I appreciate the Reaper’s kindness, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my musings even half as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Last week I filed for reelection for another term as...

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  • Mayor's Corner 06/08/2017

    Dear Friends: Richfield plays host to the Utah State Firefighters’ Association Convention this week. There will be a lot of Type A individuals running around town for three days.  Type A people are high achievers.  They’re competitive, outgoing and ambitious. This personality type is impatient if there is something that needs to be done and people are just standing around.  They jump in and make things happen. Most of you remember when we had a loud siren whenever there was a fire.  We went to a...

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