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Mayor's Corner 01/19/2017

Dear Friends:

As Mayor, I often have the chance to speak to various groups.  Whenever I’m introduced, I always include two things.  First, how I came to believe in prayer, and second, the fact I was the number one tetherball player in the sixth grade.  My belief in prayer and my tetherball prowess were developed when a sixth grade teacher summoned all of us to the lunch room and announced they were going to start a sixth-grade band.

They had a few instruments, and they wanted us to take a letter home to our parents to see if they might purchase additional instruments.  The other option was additional recess during band hour. It was OUR CHOICE.  I looked at my friend Gary Ramsey and said, “easy choice,” and a tetherball champion was born!

There wasn’t the slightest chance that letter would find its way home --- much like the annual “shot letter.”   For the uninformed, that’s where they asked your parents if they could line you up so the school nurse could dab alcohol and jab a gigantic needle into your arm.  I swear it went in one side of the arm and out the other!  Bandaids were needed on both sides!  There was no chance that shot letter was making it home. Unfortunately, the school expected that result and had a contingency plan to do it anyway. 

My belief in prayer was developed about that same time.  My mother decided that my two little sisters should learn to play the piano. She purchased a piano (which had come across on the Mayflower), and placed it immediately through the wall from my bedroom.

I prayed fervently that the torture would end, and it did.  After a couple weeks, my mother got tired of pleading and threatening my sisters.  Peace was restored.  Only recently did one of my sisters tell me she had also prayed for the same outcome.  I guess two PRAY-ers are better than one!

I have an abiding faith in providence and still remember when the torture ended and my faith sprouted.

Mayor David Ogden 

Mayor's Corner 01/12/2017

Dear Friends:

I’ve noticed lately that people seem to be dying at a much younger age.  I’ve always been grateful to be informed by email when someone passes.  Now, I find myself hesitant to open those emails.

Have I become more sensitive?  Am I not just as interested in expressing my sympathy to the grieving?  I’ve thought this through and reached a conclusion.  I realize that I count as friends so many who have departed and so many who now are faced with tough health problems that I am truly afraid to look.

You would think that some departed friend might offer a kind word about me to a listening ear above, but I’m more worried that the whole truth will be told and any chance I had to mansions might end in a tent.

That said, if a tent is the reward I deserve, I’m okay as long as it’s more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.  Yes, a tent with a cot would work.  But if it’s true that we won’t have a need to eat or sleep, then I’m sticking around here as long as possible.  Those two things (eating and sleeping) have moved up my list of enjoyments, and I’m having a hard time thinking that the great beyond would be very great without them.

Some of the early departures from this life happen behind the wheel of a car.  As Mayor, you should know of my full support behind the Zero Fatalities effort championed by UDOT and the Highway Patrol.  Too many have needlessly suffered, and there is much each of us can do to help.  When it comes to this issue, zero highway deaths is really the only acceptable outcome. Watch for more on this in the near future.

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 01/05/2017

Dear Friends:

Part of being a Mayor is being the Head Cheerleader for a community.  I can’t do a back-flip or a tumbling run across the basketball court, but I can still tumble.  I did one yesterday and I’ll remember it for a while, or at least until I do it again!

I was invited to speak on the radio last week about anything topic I wanted.  The Reaper kindly gives me the same opportunity each week, and I truly appreciate it.

Next Wednesday, January 11th, former Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell is coming to town to speak to all of us at the monthly Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce lunch.  The meeting is at Frontier Village at Noon, and Greg will give us his insight about the critical importance of doing business with local business.

Greg is real proponent of supporting local causes and local businesses.  He truly loves our area, and he believes in our part of this great State.  I know he’ll inspire all of us to do our part.

We would love to have great attendance at this luncheon.  Please come and bring a friend.  It’s important to RSVP so we know how to set up and how much really good food to prepare. Please call Lorraine at the Chamber at (435)896-4241 to reserve your place.  Lunch is $12.00 and the program will be finished by 1:15 so you can get back to work!  I’m confident this program can help us vitalize and energize this very important part of our community.


Mayor David Ogden 


Remember to license your dog(s) before March 1st.  The City has a new program this year and it may take a little longer than usual.   Altered dogs are $10, unaltered are $35 and proof of current rabies vaccinations are required!

Business licenses are also due before March 1st.

The City offices will be closed Monday, January 16, 2017 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!