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Mayor's Corner 04/08/15

Dear Friends:
Next week is the Great Utah ShakeOut.  I can’t wait.  Some people might think I’ve been dropping, covering up and holding in place for years!  Be prepared for the statewide drill at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, April 16th.
Last week I had the opportunity to teach my LDS ward a little about emergency preparedness. As usual, five minutes after the class ended I thought of a bunch of things I should have said. I tried to get people to stay a little longer, but that’s like getting my two year old grandson to sit still while you talk about genealogy — it simply won’t happen! Read more ...

Mayor's Corner 04/01/2015

Dear Friends: To all you Moms, Dads, Grandpas and Grandmas; here’s a challenge from the Mayor.
Most of the communities in our great state were designed with streets running East and West, North and South.  This grid system is great for finding addresses of homes and businesses.  There’s no need for a GPS or even an old-fashioned map when you can simply go to the correct directional coordinates to find your desired location.
However each fall and each spring, the sun lines up perfectly with our East-West streets.   We’ve all experienced that glare off the not-so-clean windshield which renders us virtually blind.   Drivers, bikers, runners and walkers are much less able to see what’s in front of them as they hurry on their way to somewhere. Read more ...

Mayor's Corner 03/25/2015

Dear Friends:
There is nothing I like to see more in our city than new construction.
The new Richfield High School is going up fast and I can’t wait to see it completed. I wish my Uncle Melvin Anderson could watch this project being constructed.  He used to walk from his home on East Center Street up to the Ashman Elementary, where he taught school.  He told me how much he missed seeing the old high school at the west end of Center Street.  I’m sure he would enjoy seeing the new school almost exactly where the old one stood.
High Country Auto has expanded their current location and are building a new facility.  This will be a modern, beautiful addition to our community. Costa Vida restaurant has also broken ground on Technology Drive and 1300 South. This, too, promises to be a great addition to our community.  
Tractor Supply Company opened their new store earlier this month.  Hansen’s Auto Body is expanding their new facility that was built just in the past year.  Sevier Valley Hospital continues its aggressive expansion and renovation program.  Several new subdivisions have been approved, and a housing development for moderate and low income families is in the final planning stages.
All of this shows optimism.  It shows confidence in the future of our community, and we should all share in that feeling.  There always seems to be plenty of negative stuff to chew on, but the growth we’re seeing should leave a good taste in our mouth.  Great things are happening in Richfield!
Mayor David Ogden

Richfield City is selling RICHFIELDOPOLY GAMES.  These games are going for $25 each.  If you live out of town, we can ship them to you, but you will need to pay the postage as well as the $25.  This will make a great Christmas gift for your family members.  Please call us at (435) 896-6439 to arrange the purchase of a game, or come in to purchase one in person.