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Mayor's Corner 11/18/15

Dear Friends: 

Tomorrow I am speaking to several classes of seventh graders about Utah history. My mother’s father and his progenitors were not members of the predominant L.D.S. religion. His father came here as a U.S. Marshal in the late 1800’s.
I’ve wondered just how differently grandpa would view the history of our state.  He attended Wasatch Academy as a boy and his education would have been quite different from that of my Grandpa Ogden.  In fact, his father might well have been involved in the arrest and transport of my Great Grandpa Ogden, who practiced polygamy and spent eighteen months in the Utah State Prison because of it.  Read more ...

Mayor's Corner 11/11/15

Dear Friends: 

As I looked at calendar and saw that this week is Veterans Day, my subject for this column came into focus and my thoughts lined up like pieces on a game board.
I love our Country. I love the principles espoused in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our freedoms were hard fought, and they’ve required constant defense for over two centuries.
Unlike Memorial Day which was established to remember those who gave their lives to defend our freedoms, Veterans Day was first suggested by President Eisenhower to recognize and thank all who served, whether in times of war or peace. Read more ...

Mayor's Corner 11/4/15

Dear Friends: 

I have a dream.  I know, you have heard that before. But I believe this dream really can come true. As I’ve shared my dream, many have responded, “wait, that’s been my dream for years.” Along the way, my dream has become more focused, and ideas presented by others have taken shape and improved my dream.
I believe we need a Legacy Park to remember and celebrate those who came to this valley and dozens like it throughout the Great Basin and beyond.  Mormon pioneers came because they were called. They shared a collective dream of settlement; a dream of raising a family and building a legacy. Many of other faiths came with similar dreams.  They planted crops, grew families and built churches. Read more ...

Unofficial 2015 Election Results

White, Wm Max              733
Arrington, Kevin             833
Snow, Michael                338
Christensen, Kathy        929
Trudeau, William           132
Barnett, Richard            870

Total Votes Counted 1518/2928   51.8%

Proposition 1

FOR                                936
AGAINST                       608