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Mayor's Corner 07/21/2016

Dear Friends:

I love Pioneer Day and look forward to going to Monroe each year to enjoy the festivities. There’s first class entertainment, a great parade, and fun on the park. I considered entering the three-on-three basketball tournament, but She Who Shall Not Be Named convinced me that I would have an unfair advantage with my age and experience. I wouldn’t want to intimidate those who are just learning how to run, dribble and dunk!
I was asked to speak at my church this Sunday about Pioneer, their commitment, and their great example to all of us.  So far I’ve written twenty pages about how I feel about them.  I was thinking of asking SWSNBN to stand up when my time is up, but I fear she may stand up two minutes into my talk in hopes that I don’t mess up Sunday School.  I have already made promises that I won’t mention her name, talk about our honeymoon, describe the first time we kissed, etc.  I believe she’s drafting a written agreement for me to sign in front of a Notary.
We have family in South Sevier which makes going over there extra special. SWSNBN’s brothers were all wrestlers and I watched many a match in the front room of the King home through the years.  They wrestled and the furniture suffered.  Here again I chose not to participate, as not to embarrass someone with my vast experience and expertise.  I also enjoy walking and talking and I’m sure that one of those scissor holds could have interrupted our having a family.
Family.  That’s what Pioneer Day celebrations are all about.  Pioneers set an example of faith, commitment, determination and covenant-keeping that has blessed the whole family of man.
Mayor David Ogden 

Mayor's Corner 07/14/2016

Dear Friends:

I deputized several grandchildren as Door Policemen while they were at our home over the last two weeks.  It worked as I had hoped, but only when I regularly reminded them of their sworn duty.
You see, I grew up at a time era when every open door was an invitation to a dozen flies.  The swamp cooler had to work overtime as closed doors warmed up the house at least ten degrees.  Now our refrigerated air conditioner has been trying to cool down our house, the back porch and most of the neighborhood for the last two weeks.
I finally discovered that the squealing sound that I was hearing was not my hearing aids, but the sound of our electric meter in hyper drive. Read more ...

Mayor's Corner 07/07/16

Dear Friends:

I’m always interested when I hear complaints about construction and the mess it can create.  It can be something as small as a backyard project to the never-ending construction and reconstruction of I-15!  
The other day, my wife asked my three year old grandson to dig somewhere other than her tomato patch.  His reply: “Grandma, this is my construction zone.”  Construction Zones can be messy. Contractors are trying to stay on budget and make a profit.  Less dust, road damage, congestion and noise would be great but we must think of Net Gain.
Incidentally, the tomato plants that my little grandson was digging around are now doing better than all the others!
  Read more ...

Quilters Heritage Festival

On September 9th and 10th, join local quilters from throughout the Central Utah area for the 1st annual Quilters Heritage Festival at the Sevier Valley Center in Richfield, Utah. Nearly 20 classes will be offered, as well as a quilt show featuring a variety of beautiful quilts from talented area artists. For more information or to register, go to