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Mayor's Corner 01/05/2017

Dear Friends:

Part of being a Mayor is being the Head Cheerleader for a community.  I can’t do a back-flip or a tumbling run across the basketball court, but I can still tumble.  I did one yesterday and I’ll remember it for a while, or at least until I do it again!

I was invited to speak on the radio last week about anything topic I wanted.  The Reaper kindly gives me the same opportunity each week, and I truly appreciate it.

Next Wednesday, January 11th, former Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell is coming to town to speak to all of us at the monthly Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce lunch.  The meeting is at Frontier Village at Noon, and Greg will give us his insight about the critical importance of doing business with local business.

Greg is real proponent of supporting local causes and local businesses.  He truly loves our area, and he believes in our part of this great State.  I know he’ll inspire all of us to do our part.

We would love to have great attendance at this luncheon.  Please come and bring a friend.  It’s important to RSVP so we know how to set up and how much really good food to prepare. Please call Lorraine at the Chamber at (435)896-4241 to reserve your place.  Lunch is $12.00 and the program will be finished by 1:15 so you can get back to work!  I’m confident this program can help us vitalize and energize this very important part of our community.


Mayor David Ogden 

Mayor's Corner 12/29/2016

Dear Friends:

Last week a dear cousin brought me an article about being an autodidact.  I mentioned it in last week’s forum but promised more.  The term means “self- learner” or self-teacher.”  It also applies to lifelong learning.

Have you noticed that certain things seem to naturally be easier for certain people?  If your Jeep breaks down in the mountains or desert, you want to be with Todd McAllister. If you need to construct something out of random parts and pieces, Wayne Washburn’s your man.  Over the years, Wayne has saved the City lots of money by creating and repurposing.

If I am stuck with technology I always call a good friend who has the patience of Job!  I’ll not reveal his name because we don’t need to try his patience.  If I need to know how to say something I depend on Matt Creamer here in the City Office.  Councilwoman Kathy Christensen has taught herself about plants and trees.  If I have a question, she knows the answer.

If it’s information about sports teams, I have friends like Rick Robinson who always know the score.  In it’s an artist I need, my 16 year-old granddaughter can draw most anything beautifully. All these folks have propensity for their skills but each was self taught for the most part.

I had great teachers in school. Some spent extra time helping me diagram a sentence or solve a math problem.  I’m sure they thought I was hopeless.  I just didn’t have the interest.

History, however, was something I gravitated to.  Memorizing dates wasn’t fun, but the “story” part of history captivated me.  The idea that we can learn so much from history and that we can be lifelong learners is wonderful in any discipline.  But we have to step out of comfort zones, make some mistakes, and learn from them.

Be an autodidact; a lifelong learner!  Build on the solid base you’ve received from teachers, parents and mentors.  Let’s make 2017 a great year of learning.

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 12/22/2016

Dear Friends:

167 years ago this week the Southern Expedition, led by Parley P. Pratt, was making its way south through our valley.  They were exploring Southern Utah for places to be settled by over seventy thousand honest-to-goodness pioneers, who were or would be heading west over the ensuing many years.  Their entire were lives packed in a wagon or a handcart.

Parley and his group of fifty seasoned explorers, hunters and cartographers camped where Central Valley now is.  It was ten degrees below zero as they chronicled their journey on the night of December 12, 1849.  I’d say that’s colder than a tin toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg!

They later traversed Poverty Flat past what is now Marysvale, and actually spent Christmas southeast of what we know as Circleville.  They crossed the southern end of the Tusher Mountain range through four feet of snow.  They navigated five drainages with twelve wagons, twenty-four yoke of oxen, seven cows, and thirty-eight horses and mules. 

I think often of the intrepid men and women who have gone before us and scouted the way. The efforts of explorers, mountain men, traders and trappers, Spanish explorers and so many others are so integrally woven into the fabric of our communities.

Many, if not most, were what can be termed autodidacts; they were self-taught.  To me, this makes these amazing people even more incredible.  I stand in wonder of all they accomplished to bless the lives of so many, including me!

Next week I’ll write more about these great colonizers, but for now have a Merry Christmas. Remember why we celebrate.  He is our light that shines in dark places and is kindly.

Mayor David Ogden


Remember to license your dog(s) before March 1st.  The City has a new program this year and it may take a little longer than usual.   Altered dogs are $10, unaltered are $35 and proof of current rabies vaccinations are required!

Business licenses are also due before March 1st.

The City offices will be closed Monday, January 16, 2017 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!