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Mayor's Corner 05/27/15

Dear Friends: 
I know two different people named Rick Roberts here in the valley (there may be more).  The Ricks I know have some things in common.  They devote a lot of time and energy to good causes and to serving their community, church and alma maters.
I was talking to the Rick who lives in Venice the other day. He’s the President of the Richfield High School Booster Club.  We spoke of ways to enlist support from area contributors for various school functions, teams and projects.  I was impressed with the breadth of the booster club’s support for student endeavors. 
At my request, he shared a list of those who contribute on a regular basis.  My purpose was to simply call and thank each one for being community-minded and for helping with the various needs identified by leaders like Rick.
I noticed immediately that these sponsors are the same ones who step up and help with all kinds of things in our communities, large and small. Things like the Veterans Memorial, youth sports, and the smaller contributions they give almost daily to groups and organizations with projects that bless lives and keep the wheels of progress turning.
I appreciate these generous businesses, institutions and individuals.  They don’t seek praise for what they do, but I believe that they need to be thanked and recognized. When you see these names associated with positive things in our community, take a minute to thank them for what they do.  Let them know it is recognized and appreciated.
The act of giving blesses both the giver and the receiver.  Make giving part of your life.  Whether it’s time, or money, or both; there’s no shortage of worthwhile causes in our area.
Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 05/20/2015

Dear Friends:
Our community’s “Great Richfield Cleanup” is in progress, and runs until Monday, June 1st
In honor of this cleanup effort, I decided it was time to go out and rearrange my garage! I did manage to throw a few things away, but not nearly as much as my wife thinks I should get rid of.  You see, I have some “real treasures”.
I know they’re treasures, because I have been moving them back and forth for years.  They have taken on value simply because I have moved them so many times.  No sane person would spend so much time moving an item if it wasn’t valuable.  Right?!
Honestly, I have no illusions.  When I croak, my boys will divide  up my few tools in about 30 minutes, and the vast majority of everything else will go to DI or to the dump. We just don't look at our own junk objectively. Read more ...

Mayor's Corner 05/13/2015

Dear Friends:
Twenty six letters in the alphabet—twenty four hours in a day.  How strange the same tools are given wise men and fools but they don’t use their time the same way.
I went in to a local business last week and was told in no uncertain terms that I am a fool.  If I have learned anything in this job it is that almost everyone has an opinion and most all of them are willing to share it with me. I couldn’t be happier. If you represent the people in any way, you should be willing to hear their opinions and complaints.
Quoting James A. Michener, a famous son of Sevier County, Carlos Asay, once said, “Mortality is not a pleasure cruise on some luxury liner.  It is a voyage fraught with challenges and constant buffetings of winds and waves.”  He went on to describe the need to stay on the true course.  This, I believe, is applicable to us as individuals, as families, as businesses, and as a community. Read more ...