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Mayor's Corner 04/27/2017

Dear Friends:

While watching TV the other night, I saw an advertisement in which someone cut their tongue on an envelope.  I still can't stop feeling that sting!  I suppose that's what the advertiser had in mind, but it got me thinking about another pain. 

Last week I wrote about some of the things that make our community great, and how proud I was to have the opportunity to show people from outside the area our hidden gem and to share my feelings with them as they consider relocating their business to Richfield.  There are so many good things to point out, but there are a few things that aren’t so good; things that really do need addressing by each of us.

One such item involves driving too fast on Richfield’s Main Street.  It’s just plain dangerous to cross the road in most locations, regardless of whether you’re walking or driving.  We’ve reached out to UDOT, since Main Street is also a state highway.  They too recognize the problem and they want to help.  They have talented people who can help promote safety and efficiency.  They live here and face the same challenges crossing the street. Together, we can improve this situation, and we will! 

While I'm on the economic development soap box, I’d like to say something about shopping locally. Do it!  Please consider how important it is to have a successful, vibrant, local economy. Our local businesses employ local residents --- your friends and neighbors.  They support all sorts of local causes.

Those internet “superstars” don’t support local causes.  Their names are not on our ballpark fences.  They don’t sponsor our celebrations, support school groups, or bring cultural events to our community.  They live elsewhere, and they spend your money on their own dreams.  Think about that next time you’re about to click “purchase” on that fancy website!

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 04/20/2017

Dear Friends:

Last week, I met with some people who are considering relocating their business to our community.  After we showed them some potential sites for their company, we took a few minutes to drive around and show them some of the reasons that we love living here.

We started south of town with our beautiful golf course and our recently expanded airport.  We drove thru neighborhoods where they saw first-hand the pride many of our residents take in their homes and properties.  We showed off our new high school and the Snow College campus, including the Sevier Valley Center.  Our local commitment to education was obvious and they were impressed.

We drove to each of our city parks and also discussed the possibility of a new swimming pool in the next few years.  They were interested to see our beautiful, healthy business district.  We even stopped by one of our local businesses where they had a chance to visit with people who understand our business climate and have thrived.

They loved the views of the mountains and the healthy, well-kept farms and agricultural property in the valley.  Our visitors commented on the good feeling they experienced here, largely because of the people they had met.

Economic development is something I am committed to.  A healthy, growing local economy benefits our whole area. Smart, controlled growth with employment opportunities will be a blessing to all of us.

Bragging about our community is easy and it’s fun!  I would like to do more of it.  We should all be looking for those wanting to come and join us in living in one of the best places on Earth.

Mayor David Ogden

Mayor's Corner 04/13/2017

Dear Friends:

It seems like I’m always writing about things we should watch out for.  I like to call it “duck and run” stuff.  I can’t help it.  I guess it’s the grandpa in me, or maybe it’s the Mayor in me that feels responsible to warn of danger and potential risks.

It drives me crazy to watch my grandchildren jump on a trampoline.  Of course they can’t just jump.  They have to push each other and throw balls at each other.  The older ones feel the uncontrollable need to bounce the little ones to the clouds.

When I was a boy we never did anything crazy. Our feet were always firmly on the ground. When we hiked in the mountains, we wore helmets just in case we fell off of a cliff.  We always wore seatbelts and never teased our little sisters until they cried for protection.  Okay, I do have selective memory.

Something I can’t forget (and hope you won’t either) is the Great Utah ShakeOut, coming up next Thursday, April 20th at 10:15 a.m.  That day, Utah joins with states throughout the country to focus on earthquake preparedness.

Is this something we need to concern ourselves with, right here in peaceful south-central Utah?  Absolutely!  We have an earthquake fault line which runs all along the west side of Richfield, extending through the length of the valley!  Like many other areas of our state, we are prone to earthquakes.

How can you participate in the ShakeOut?  Go to to register as a participant.  Individuals, families and businesses are all encouraged to take part.  Spend some time at the website and learn what you can do; not only for the ShakeOut drill, but for that real-life time when you may be faced with a real-life earthquake.

Be safe!

Mayor David Ogden 


Consumber Confidence Report

Water Quality Report for 2016

We're pleased once again to present to you this year's Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. This report is designed to inform you about the quality of the water and services we deliver to you every day. Richfield City’s constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water. Our water sources have been determined to be from the Sevier – Sigurd groundwater basin.  Our water sources include one spring and three wells.

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Remember to license your dog(s) before March 1st.  The City has a new program this year and it may take a little longer than usual.   Altered dogs are $10, unaltered are $35 and proof of current rabies vaccinations are required!

Business licenses are also due before March 1st.

The City offices will be closed Monday, February20, 2017 in observance of Presidents Day!